3Kings Water Treatment Facility Project

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Project Update

3Kings Water Treatment Plant

The new 3Kings Water Treatment Plant will replace the current Spiro Water Treatment Plant to improve efficiency, increase water treatment capacity, meet regulation requirements, and replace aging infrastructure. Final design of the new plant has been underway since November and the rendering of the new plant is shown below.

Crews have been constructing the golf maintenance facility that will house the Park City Golf Course equipment that is being relocated from the existing Spiro Water Treatment Plant. The construction of the golf maintenance facility will be complete late this fall.

Project Purpose

In 2014 Park City was issued Utah Discharge Elimination Systems (UPDES) permits for the discharge of water draining from the Judge and Spiro mine tunnels into McLeod and Silver Creeks. Water from both tunnels exceeds stream water quality parameters identified in these permits.

Due to the cost and complexity of bringing this water into compliance with UPDES permits, a Stipulated Compliance Order (SCO) was entered into between the Utah Division of Water Quality and Park City. The SCO requires that Park City develop and implement a plan to bring discharge into compliance by the year 2024 for the Judge Tunnel and 2033 for the Spiro Tunnel.

In addition, the existing Spiro Water Treatment Plant is aging and will soon need significant investment to keep it operational. While the existing plant consistently produces high quality drinking water, it cannot treat to certain parameters in the UPDES permits, and it lacks capacity to maximize available water from the combined Judge and Spiro Tunnel water sources.

This project will demolish the  existing Spiro Water Treatment Plant and construct the new 3Kings Water Treatment Facility in order to:

  • Improve water quality and reliability
  • Increase water treatment capacity to maximize use of available water from Judge and Spiro Tunnels
  • Increase overall City water supply resiliency and peak day capacity
  • Meet UPDES permits and Stipulated Compliance Order (SCO) for Judge and Spiro Tunnel water discharges

3Kings Water Treatment Facility

The redevelopment of the Spiro Water Treatment Plant will include:

  • New 3Kings Water Treatment Facility  
    • 3,000 gpm (4.1 mgd) Mining-Influenced-Water treatment capacity
    • 1,500 gpm (2 mgd) Thiriot Springs water treatment capacity
    • 48,000 sq ft total facility building footprint
  • Golf Course pond improvements
    • enhance water quality and storage capacity
  • Associated off-site utility improvements
  • New/ relocated Golf Maintenance Building

Golf Maintenance Building

Due to space requirements to meet treatment needs at the new 3Kings Water Treatment Facility, the existing golf maintenance facility will need to be demolished and relocated. Public Utilities has worked with the Golf division to locate a new facility on the golf course with minimal impact to the course and driving range.

The new Golf Maintenance Building will include:

  • 1,900 sq ft Administrative Office and Maintenance Building
    • Golf Maintenance office
    • Multipurpose room (break/lunch room, conference room, training room)
    • Restrooms and lockers
    • Equipment repair area
    • Tools and parts storage
  • 4,300 sq ft Tempered Equipment Storage Balding
    • Equipment and hand tool storage with minimal heating
  • 1,000 sq ft Covered Wash/ Fueling Area
  • 1,000 sq ft Bulk Material Storage (sand, mulch, soil)

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