Construction Stormwater Management (SWPPP Program)

A State (UPDES) Construction General Permit (CGP) is required when a project is at least 1-acre in disturbance or part of a Common Plan of Development (CPP) or sale that will ultimately disturb at least 1-acre of land (and is part of a sub-division that was sub-divided after October 1992). These UPDES Permits require a Stormwater Pollution Prevent Plan (SWPPP) to be developed and reviewed/approved by the City through the City's building permit process prior to a building permit can be issued. Refer to Municipal Code 13-4 to review City regulation and enforcement of stormwater discharges associated with construction activities

Refer to Building Page for more step-by-step information on acquiring your State CGP/CPP Permits and SWPPP Submittal Process:

Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans and Construction General Permit Procedures (SWPPP, NOI, CGP)

State SWPPP Templates:

CGP SWPPP Template

CPP SWPPP Template

SWPPP Inspections:

Park City uses Utilisync for both City SWPPP inspections as well as the opportunity for contractors to use it to perform inspections as well. You will receive an invitation link in your email after your SWPPP has been approved and a pre-construction meeting has been held. Refer to the Utilisync Guide for additional assistance.

Long Term Stormwater Management

Park City's MS4 Permit requires the City to implement regulatory mechanisms that manage runoff from development. Municipal Code 13-5 was adopted to achieve compliance with Long Term Stormwater Management with the State MS4 Permit. This requires new developments to create a Long Term Stormwater Management Plan (LTSWMP) and sign a Maintenance Agreement that is recorded with the County. 

This LTSWMP explains the layout of the property and how the property owner is going to maintain their property to reduce pollutant runoff. Inspections are also required every other year by the property owner of the Site, and The City will perform an inspection every 5 years to ensure the plan is effective. These inspections will be performed in Utilisync. The Stormwater Coordinator will send out invitation links and reminder emails through Utilisync to Maintenance Agreement holders to complete quick and easy inspections.

Park City LTSWM Maintenance Agreement - this is the Maintenance Agreement that needs to be signed by the property owner. It will be recorded with the County. 

Park City LTSWM Plan Template - this is the LTSWMP template for large, non-residential projects. This is meant to be used as a template and modified as needed to conform to the Site. This Plan will not be recoded with the County and will act as a living document as site conditions change. 

Park City LTSWM Plan (minor residential) Template - this is the LTSWMP template for small, residential projects.