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Engineering & Construction Division

WATER STANDARD PLANS, May 2014 with 2019 Clarifications

The primary purpose of these documents is to clearly define the current WATER engineering and construction standards to be used in Park City.  Park City is in the process of updating the Water portion of the Park City Design Standards, Construction Specifications, and Standard Details. However, while the City finalizes the design standards and specifications portion, the Water related standard plans have been completed.  These updated standard plans incorporate current Water regulations and City water system operation, maintenance, and asset management considerations.  These documents serve to replace the existing Section 700 Standard Details of the Park City Design Standards, Construction Specifications, and Standard Details. Conflicts between the existing specifications and updated standard plans shall be resolved in favor of the updated standard plans.

The plan numbering structure of this document follows the same basic structure as the APWA Standard Plans, however, there are some differences.  Following is an explanation of the structure of this document:  

Part 5 - Water Systems. Standard Plan divisions for Water system related details are: 

Numbering: A plan number having a suffix of "S" identifies that the plan contains index, legend, detail specific notes, and acceptable manufacturer and parts numbers related to the standard plan. 

This document is intended to be altered periodically to ensure that the most current Park City Standards are available for public use.  This document will be revised and published on the City's web site annually, during the first week of January.

2019 Clarifications were made to ensure adequate separation requirements between water lines and other utilities. Clarifications regarding pressure testing and disinfection requirements were also added. All drawings with 2019 clarifications include a 6/2019 revision date in the title block.

The Complete Water Standard Plans is provided below in an electronic format file.