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2020.08.05 PC GRAMA Request to Town of Hideout 

Hideout GRAMA response (emails and texts with Town, Rubin, Brockbank, staff, etc)

2020.08.11 PC Letter to MIDA in response to PC GRAMA request

2020.08.14 MIDA Letter to PC in response to PC GRAMA request

2020.07.28 PC GRAMA to Legislature re Annexation Amendments (SB 2004 HB 359)

Utah Legislature docs responding to PC GRAMA Request

2021.05.24 Order Upholding PC Development Agreement: This Court Order upholds Park City’s Development Agreement (DA) and the negotiated limitations on future development of Richardson Flats. After Nate Brockbank and others expressed an intention to develop parts of Richardson Flats, Park City asserted its rights under the DA and the Court held that the City has a valid and enforceable conservation easement and an equitable servitude over Richardson Flats which apply to the Brockbank Parties.