Park City Municipal COVID-19 Updates:

Social Equity Initiatives

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Rainbow Flag and Balloons on Main Street

Welcome, LGBTQ+ Community!

“..And perhaps the best answer is not to tolerate differences, not even to accept them. But to celebrate them. Maybe then those who are different would feel more loved, and less, well, tolerated…” – Bill Konigsberg, award-winning author

Social Equity is a critical community priority for Park City that the community recently reaffirmed through our visioning process. As we strive to celebrate the diverse groups within our community, we turn the mirror on ourselves to ensure our work internally, and our outreach to our partners and residents reflects the ongoing goals of making all our residents feel included and valued. In this spirit we have two LGBTQ+ liaisons in Park City Municipal executive office and at the Park City Police Department.

Leah and Franco- LGBTQ

Leah Langan, Executive Assistant to The Mayor and City Manager | 435-615-5184

“I’m proud that as a community leader, Park City Municipal views diversity as an asset that should be celebrated. Our goal is to ensure that both LGBTQ+ visitors and residents are seen, heard, and valued. Our community reaps countless benefits when all voices are amplified.” - Leah Langan

Franco Libertini, Community Outreach Officer | 435-615-5582

The Park City Police Department policy strictly prohibits bias-based policing. Every member of our department shall perform his/her duties in a fair and objective manner and is responsible for promptly reporting any suspected or known instances of bias-based policing to a supervisor. Members should, when reasonable to do so, intervene to prevent any biased-based actions by another member.” - Franco Libertini

In addition, we kicked off an internal LGBTQ+ task force in November 2020 and engaged our community in an external task force in January 2021. We embrace and celebrate the diversity in our community and endeavor to make all residents feel safe, welcome, and valued.

For additional information, please contact:

Lynn Ware Peek, Community Engagement Liaison,

Jolene Weston, Organizational Development Manager,