Board of Adjustment

This is a legislative board that hears and decides appeals from zoning decisions to applying special exceptions to the Land Management Code. The board also makes determinations regarding modifications of non-conforming uses and hears appeals on determination non-conforming or non-complying status. Click here for more information

Citizens Open Space Advisory Committee (COSAC)

City Council directed staff to establish COSAC IV in response to the recent .05% increase in Resort City Sales Tax, a portion of which will provide funds for the acquisition of Open Space. COSAC provides recommendations to City Council on future acquisition and preservation of open space within the greater Park City area. Click here for more information.

Planning Commission

The Commission acts as a non-political, long range planning body for Park City. Review of specific projects is limited to matters requiring their consideration. The scope of these reviews is outlined in the Land Management Code and includes: general plan review, annexation review, subdivision approval, subdivision and record of survey plat and plat amendment review, master planned development approval, conditional use permit approval, appeals of staff decisions, termination of inactive applications, and sensitive land review.Click here for more information.

Historic Preservation Board

This is a board created pursuant to the Utah Code to preserve and encourage design preferences that reflect Park City's mining heritage according to the Land Management Code and the Historic District Design Guidelines. Title 15, Chapter 11 of the Land Management Code contains detailed information regarding the Historic Preservation Board. Click here for more information.

Recreation Advisory Board

The function of the Recreation Advisory Board is: to advise the City Council and staff on parks and recreation policy and projects, to support and promote the policies and programs of the Library and Recreation Departments, to advise and support staff on staff recommended budget priorities, to serve as liaison between the community and public agencies on parks, to stimulate community involvement and support for City Council annual and long term goals and priorities, and all parks, recreation and beautification projects. Click here for more information.

Library Board

The Library Board of Trustees, representing the citizens of Park City, and working in partnership with the Library Director, evaluates library services and community needs, establishes library policies, and sets goals to be implemented by the director and staff. Board members inform others about library services, needs, and accomplishments to foster a positive public image and build community support.Click here for more information.

Public Art Advisory Board

The function of the Public Art Advisory Board is to perform an assessment of Park City's cultural art needs, create a public art plan, procure funds for art, establish guidelines for public art, process and review art and ultimately make recommendations to the City Council on art projects, programs, and funding. Click here for more information.