SR-248 Transmission Water Line Improvements

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The conveyance of raw and potable water through Park City is an integral part of the ability to move water draining from the Judge and Spiro Tunnels to treatment facilities, move treated water to water storage tanks and the water distribution system, and to transport raw water imported from Rockport Reservoir.


The project includes installation of new water pipelines to convey treated potable water from the new 3Kings Water Treatment Plant (3KWTP) to the existing Boothill Water Storage Tanks, from the Boothill Water Storage Tanks to Wyatt Earp Way via SR-248. The project also includes the, the extension of a raw water lines from Wyatt Earp Way to the 3KWTP, which supports the treatment of additional mine tunnel water by adding replacement water, imported from Rockport Reservoir, to McLeod Creek.

The total project consists of 4.1 miles of 12, 16, and 18-inch diameter solid-wall fused joint HDPE potable and raw water pipe, water system connections, and site restoration.


  • Upgraded pipe capacity to existing supply lines
  • Replacement of aging water supply line
  • Reduced water loss

Project Team

  • Design: Psomas Engineering
  • Contractor: Silver Spur Construction 

Project Costs

  • Total Project Cost: $9.05 million

Project Timeline

  • Planning and design for the project began in 2019. 
  • Construction was performed during 2020 and 2021.