2018 Water System Improvements

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Park City Public Utilities manages water system assets through a program that is intended to keep the water system operating at defined service levels while reducing risk and achieving the lowest life-cycle cost. Park City Water has identified water distribution system infrastructure deficiencies and prioritized these for corrective action through a construction contract.

Project Description

Improvements to the existing water distribution system were made throughout the City with water service line work focused primarily in the Solamere area and Flagstaff area of Deer Valley.


The Project affords the following benefits:

  • Improved water service reliability (recurring freezing and failing water services),;
  • Improved water service metering accuracy (meter replacements);
  • Corrected water system operation and maintenance deficiencies (failing fire hydrants and inoperable isolation valves, pressure reducing valve repairs); and
  • Reduced water loss (repair leaks). Savings of an estimated 300 gpm (432.000 gallons per day).

Project Team

  • Planning, Design, Construction Engineering: Park City Water Dept. Engineering
  • Contractor: Daley Excavators.

Project Costs

  • Planning, Design, & Construction Engineering Services: $0.00 (in-house)
  • Construction, Total: $1,292,000
  • Meters and Services: $352,801.98
  • Distribution Meters: $69,200.00
  • Distribution System Improvements: $869,998.02

Project Timeline

  • Planning for the project began in 2017. 
  • Design and contracting was prepared by in-house Water staff in 2017 and 2018.
  • Construction was performed by Daley Excavators during 2018 and 2019.
  • Repaving was completed during construction activities.