Western Summit Interconnect Project

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The Western Summit County Project Master Agreement was created with the purpose of developing interconnections of multiple water systems within the Snyderville Basin. A new connection was identified in the vicinity of Quinns Junction to connect the Park City Water system and the Weber Basin Water Conservancy District system. The Project consists of two primary elements:

  • A new WBWCD Interconnect metering/flow control valve vault
  • A new WBWCD water transmission line connecting Park City and WBWCD water systems

Project Description

The pipeline consists of 2,990 feet of new 12-inch water line constructed parallel to the south right-of-way line of SR-248 from the Quinns Junction Water Treatment Plant and Round Valley Drive. A paved trail connection was constructed over the water line. The new reinforced concrete metering/flow control valve vault was constructed on the Quinns Junction Water Treatment Plant site.

On behalf of WBWCD, Park City Water provided design and construction administration for the project.


The Project affords the following benefits:

  • Is consistent with the Western Summit County Agreement, optimizing the existing water supply within western Summit County and ddeferring the need to construct water projects to supply water to the Western Summit County area.
  • Provides Park City Water access to emergency water supply from the WBWCD. Regional system.

Project Team

  • Design and Construction Engineering: Bowen Collins and Associates
  • Contractor: Red Pine Construction (pipeline)
  • Alder Construction (valve/metering vault)

Project Costs

  • Park City was responsible for an allotted portion of the project costs.
  • Planning, Design, & Construction Engineering Services: $149,143 (in-house)
  • Construction, Total: $1,292,000
    • Pipeline: $472,142.64
    • Valve/Metering Vault: $503,442.88
    • Distribution System Improvements: $869,998.02

Project Timeline

  • Planning for the project began in 2019. 
  • Design and contracting was prepared in 2019.
  • Pipeline construction was performed by Red Pine Construction in 2019.
  • Control valve/metering vault was performed by Alder Construction in 2019 and 2020.