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Pickleball Courts in residential areas are a type of Private Recreation Facility that require a Conditional Use Permit. On April 28, 2022, the City Council adopted amendments to the Land Management Code to address the unique noise produced as part of pickleball play.

The amendments for private outdoor pickleball courts on residential lots to require compliance with the Municipal Code of Park City Noise Ordinance, including requiring a Conditional Use Permit, minimum setbacks from adjacent residential properties, Homeowner Association notification, limiting hours of play, prohibiting outdoor lighting of residential courts, and requiring parking to be provided on-site.

Outdoor Pickleball Courts in residential areas:

  • Require a Conditional Use Permit
    • Public notice will be sent to property owners within 300 feet of the proposed site
    • The Planning Commission will conduct a public hearing
    • The Planning Commission may condition the approval to address site-specific impacts
  • Require a minimum 600-foot setback from lot lines of adjacent residential properties for pickleball courts with no noise mitigation
  • May have reduced setbacks that are no less than 150 feet from adjacent residential property lines when a property owner demonstrates the outdoor pickleball court will comply with the noise ordinance
    • Property owners will be required to submit a site-specific noise study completed by a certified acoustical professional
    • Property owners must demonstrate that mitigating features, including noise-mitigating barriers, will be effective
  • Require Homeowner Association notification for properties that are part of a Homeowner Association registered with the City
  • Are limited to hours of play from 8 AM - 8 PM
    • The Planning Commission may establish more restrictive hours of operations upon findings that corroborate the appropriateness of alternative times of use
  • Prohibit outdoor lighting of residential courts
  • Require guest parking to be provided on-site
  • Require additional landscaping for noise and visual mitigation measures

Once the amendments have been incorporated into the Land Management Code, please see Section 15-4-22 for more information. For questions or to provide public input, please email planning@parkcity.org or call 435-615-5063.