Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I submit a Government Records Access and Management Act (GRAMA) Request?

Online, Using THIS LINK.

 Does the Planning Department enforce CC&Rs?

 No, The Planning department enforces City regulations. Enforcement of CC&Rs is solely up to the Home Owners Association of each respective subdivision.

I would like to put a sign on my property, do I need approval?

Yes. All signs within City limits are regulated by the Park City Sign Code. This Code regulates the size, placement, materials used, etc for signs on buildings and sites. Please contact us regarding these regulations prior to posting any signs.

I want to paint my house, do I need approval?

No, the City does not review or approve paint color. Paint color cannot be fluorescent or reflective.

If I have concern, comments or complaints about a project, whom should I contact?

If the comments regard an official application with the City please contact the Planning Department at (435) 615-5060 and you will be directed to the project Planner.

If a general item is of concern please contact Code Enforcement at (435) 615-5101.

If I have a general planning question is there someone I can contact?

Yes, the Planning Department front counter is open for general planning questions. You may call (435) 615-5060.
Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM 

What is an Administrative Public Hearing?

Staff-level administrative reviews require public hearings, which are known as Administrative Public Hearings. These meetings occur weekly on Thursdays at noon in the Planning Conference Room (445 Marsac Avenue, 2nd Floor). Each week, a Zoom link, an agenda, and packet are provided on the City’s Listen Live webpage so that interested community members can participate in the public hearing. Please email to review staff reports, exhibits, and meeting minutes from previous meetings.

For more information on Public Meetings, please see the Land Use Review Public Meetings webpage. 

What is a Zoning District?

Park City has been divided into a number of areas called Zoning Districts. Each Zoning District is specifically addressed in the Land Management Code and uses (commercial, residential, mixed etc.) are spelled out along with requirements for construction. Each zone is unique and the Code is written to address the specific details of that area.

Current Zoning Map

What is the General Plan?

The General Plan is a policy document designed to guide the future of Park City.

The document contains the goals, policies, and action plans for Park City's future direction, community character, land use, open space, growth management, transportation, environmental, housing, community economy, parks and recreation, and historic preservation.

What is the Land Management Code?

The Land Management Code, also referred to as LMC, is a document adopted by the City Council as part of the Municipal Code that is designed to effectuate the goals identified in the General Plan. The General Plan is the guiding document for Park City - it is the blueprint for the future of the City. It is a long range policy plan that will guide future LMC and zoning decisions. The LMC is the regulatory document that addresses specific zoning and land uses within respective zones. The LMC and associated Zoning Map provide for specific uses within noted districts on the Zoning Map.

Are the Planning Department and the Building Department the same thing?

While both departments are branches of the Community Development Division they are not the same. The Planning Department primarily reviews plans for conformance with the Land Management Code. The Building Department main function is to review plans for conformance with the applicable International Building Code.

Enforcement of regulations is done through the Code Enforcement Division of the Building Department. You may contact them by calling (435) 615-5101 or email

Where is the Planning Department located?

The Planning Department is located at City Hall on the entry level, 445 Marsac Ave Park City, UT 84060.