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The Park City Police Department is committed, through Community Oriented Policing, to creating partnerships with the community, our visitors and guests, in an effort to protect and enhance the character of our town, our quality of life and the visitor experience within Park City.


Through the restructuring of the Public Safety Department, a higher level of interaction between the Community and our visitors and guests can be realized. Creating the Operations Section and an Administrative Section, both headed by a Captain, has allowed us to move forward in stabilizing and expanding our Community Support Programs and instituting, to a higher degree, the Community Oriented Policing and Problem Solving Philosophy Model of law enforcement, which supports individual officers becoming involved in community issues beyond those of a criminal nature and promotes establishing partnerships with groups, businesses and individuals to address issues surrounding quality of life and other concerns.


The department has, over the last several years, developed and implemented programs that have provided opportunities for a higher degree of interaction with the community in a variety of ways. Addressing issues and concerns within the community that are not specifically crime related, but are perhaps more related to community identity and quality of life and are specifically directed toward prevention rather than reaction, has been the direction the department has been moving slowly but consistently.

This outline contains a listing of those department programs that are currently in place, and those programs that are still being developed or are near completion and provides a look at the direction the department is heading.


Traffic Calming Task Force Participation
The Community Support Officer is a member of the Traffic Calming Task Force and works closely with members of other departments within the City to address traffic related issues such as new sign placement, specific enforcement requests, traffic control device placement, and traffic calming device placement.

School Resource Officer
Beginning in January 2009, Park City Police Department resurrected their School Resource Officer Program and dedicated a full-time police officer to work solely with issues at the four schools that are within Park City. SRO Officer Allinson has implemented a very effective Truancy Program, teaches DARE at the elementary and middle school levels, helps resolve conflicts, and works closely with the administrators at each school. This program is a joint effort with the Park City School District to ensure the safety of the students and staff at each school and promote a positive learning environment for students of the district.

D.A.R.E. (Drug Abuse Resistance Education)
The Police Department has provided an officer to teach the nationally recognized D.A.R.E. Program curriculum to the sixth grade classes for more than ten years. This program allows the officer assigned to this program an opportunity to interact with youth on an instructional and role model level, without being placed in an enforcement or corrective role. We have found this program to be an effective tool in allowing kids and cops to interact on this most important issue, drug use and abuse.

Drug Disposal Program
Park City Police Department has a Drug Disposal Program that was initially funded through a grant from the EPA. A receptacle has been placed in the foyer of the police building so citizens can deposit their unused and unwanted prescription and over-the-counter medications. Citizens are encouraged to use the receptacle rather than flush medications down drains and toilets in order to keep these medications out of the waterways. The medications are collected on a regular basis, weighed for reporting purposes, and then taken to an incinerator. Park City Police Department worked closely with Recycle Utah and Snyderville Basin Water Reclamation District in obtaining the grant and then educating the public in order to make this program successful.

Traffic Enforcement and Education Team
This team consists of four full-time officers working to educate the driving public on traffic and speed laws through community involvement, mass communication, and speed notification units (traffic trailers). Enforcement of the traffic and speed laws is also employed by the team members.

Community Speed Watch Program
The Traffic Enforcement and Education team supplies radar guns and training to citizens to monitor and track vehicle speeds within their neighborhoods. When vehicles are tracked exceeding the speed limit, the police department notifies the registered owner by mail that their vehicle was observed exceeding the speed limit and provides a reminder of the importance of safety within our neighborhoods.

Mountain Bike Team
This team is selected and trained to ride mountain bikes to patrol and interact within areas of the community that are less accessible by vehicle. As well, they patrol the City Park area and work closely with the Park Hosts to interact with the park users in a helpful and friendly way.

Reserve Officer Program
This program has for many years been used to supplement the enforcement efforts of the police department during special events or peak season times. By using paid, part-time temporary certified law enforcement officers, enforcement and patrol efforts have been enhanced. However this program has been enhanced and its mission adjusted to work more directly toward community policing efforts within the community. Reserve Officers will participate in the Foot Patrol Program in an effort to make our officers and services more accessible to the community and our visitors and guests.

Offender Review Board
In association with the State Adult Probation and Parole Department (AP&P), police officers and members of the community are invited to meet with and interview probationers and parolees living in our community. This is a relatively new program for both our department and AP&P; however, the interaction with community members and police officers will send a strong message to the probationers and parolees that they are known and are being watched.

Citizen Alliance Committee
The Police Department, primarily the Chief of Police, works closely with this committee which is a sub-committee of the Parent Student Teachers Organization through the Park City School District. The Committee arranges, conducts and advocates information flow, communication between police and community and encourages community action through public forums involving area law enforcement, school administrators, social services agencies, students and parents.

Tip-A-Cop Line
This phone line, 615-5TIP (847), provides the community an opportunity to report crime information in and around our schools and community to the police, allowing anonymity, if the caller chooses.

Police Radio Program
Monthly, a member of the Park City Police Department Command Staff (Chief or Captain) will be on KPCW to talk about police and community issues.

Business District Foot Patrol Program

Uniformed officers will be assigned to foot patrol, walking beats, in the Main Street business district, interacting with the businesses, residents, visitors and guests. The Foot Patrol officers will be interacting with the transit system to monitor activity in our buses and around the transportation hubs of the City. Officers will ride the transit system allowing additional police patrol in and around the resorts and other business areas within the City Limits.

Patrol Zone/District Program
This program will assign mobile patrol units to designated zones/districts within the City. Assigned officers will have the responsibility of interacting with the neighborhoods, businesses and activities in those areas, becoming familiar with the issues and concerns in those areas, which will allow the officers and the department to create stronger partnerships with citizens and business. This program is basic to a Community Oriented Policing and Problem Solving Model.


The Police Department, over the past five (5) years, has gradually moved toward reinforcing, strengthening and creating a rich Community Oriented Policing environment, bringing the police department and the community together to work toward enhancement, preservation and enrichment of our quality of life in Park City. The Department is closer now than it has ever been in accomplishing the goal of offering the community a wide variety of opportunities to engage the department and participate with the Police Department in addressing issues and concerns.

Due to the efforts of many within the department, we are now closer to achieving our goal of becoming a Community Oriented Policing and Problem Solving agency.