Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Why did Summit County (High Valley Transit) and Park City Municipal (Park City Transit) transition to separate transit systems?

A: Several years ago, Park City and Summit County recognized the growing need for transit service to extend further throughout the county. Both agencies determined Summit County is best suited to work with neighboring communities and build a regional transit system, while Park City Transit is best suited to operate service within Park City.

Q2: When did High Valley Transit service begin?

A: In the Spring of 2021, High Valley Transit began “On-Demand” microtransit service in some Summit County neighborhoods. On July 1, 2021, High Valley Transit launched fixed-route bus service. From that point on, Park City Transit and High Valley Transit will operate separate but coordinated transit systems. To learn more about proposed High Valley Transit routes and schedules, visit

Q3: How do the two separate transit systems operate?

A: Park City Transit continues to operate as a department of Park City Municipal Corporation. Park City Transit operators and staff are employees of Park City Municipal. High Valley Transit is an independent transit district created by the government of Summit County, Utah. As an independent agency, it is overseen by a board of trustees. For more information about High Valley Transit, please visit their website.  

Q4: What transit service will each system operate?

Park City Transit provides service within Park City boundaries (on the 1 Red, 2 Green, 5 Yellow, and seasonal routes like the 3 Blue, 4 Orange, 9 Purple, and City-Wide), as well as connections to regional transit hubs (on the 10 White Express). As High Valley Transit plans future service improvements, it will focus on providing regional service between areas in Summit County and key destinations in Park City. To learn more about High Valley Transit routes and schedules, visit their website.

Q5: Who is guiding decisions about routes, schedules, and service improvements on each system?

A: Park City Municipal and Summit County continue to work closely to ensure a seamless rider experience on two separate transit systems. Moving forward, Park City Municipal will guide any planning and public input processes for routes operated by Park City Transit, and Summit County/High Valley Transit will guide planning and public input process for routes operated by High Valley Transit. Please visit High Valley Transit’s website for more information.

Q6: Who can I contact for questions about High Valley Transit?

A: Please contact High Valley Transit staff at or call 435-336-3113.

Q7: Who can I contact for questions about Park City Transit?

A: Please use our digital feedback form here.

Q8: What will happen to routes operated by Park City Transit? (1 Red, 2 Green, *3 Blue, *4 Orange, 5 Yellow, *9 Purple, 10 White, and the *City-wide.) *Indicates a winter-only/seasonal route.

A: Park City Transit is not planning any major service changes and current routes will remain in service for the near future. Learn more about route maps and schedules here.

In Fall 2021, Park City Municipal is excited to kick off a Short-Range Transit Plan (SRTP) to reimagine our existing transit system. This planning process will focus on existing or potential ways to connect major destinations with easy-to-use transit service. Park City will work together with the community to explore options such as microtransit, express routes to major destinations, transit to recreation areas, and more. The final Short-Range Transit Plan will recommend improvements and changes to be implemented over the next several years. Check back soon for opportunities to get involved!

Q11: What will happen to ADA/Paratransit service?

With the startup of "Valley Ride" (High Valley Transit's ADA Complementary Transit service), some existing Park City Transit riders are now served by High Valley Transit. However, depending on where your journey ends or begins, there might be some overlap between who provides your ADA Complementary Paratransit service. If your trip originates in Park City Municipal's boundaries and ends in Summit County (outside Park City boundaries) within 3/4 mile of fixed-route services, Park City Transit is responsible for that trip and you should contact Park City ADA dispatch to schedule it. For the return trip, you need to contact Valley Ride directly, and they will take you back to Park City.

Q11: What about other projects that involve transit?

Park City staff are working closely with other city departments to advance Park City’s transit-first priorities on a variety of projects.  In addition to the Short-Range Transit Plan, staff recently launched an Active Transportation plan to evaluate walking and biking connections to the city’s major destinations and transit. They are also working in conjunction with Summit County on projects such as Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) on SR 224.