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Trailheads are busy! Use of the Park City Area Trails has been increasing and will continue to do so along with the growing populations of the surrounding counties. Lucky for us, increased outdoor recreation is a good thing for our society and our local community; studies show that spending time and exercising outdoors results in multiple physical and mental health benefits and even reduces health care costs. Despite busy trailheads with over 400 miles of trails there’s a lot of room to spread out once you leave the parking areas.

Be a part of the solution; before you jump in the car to drive to a trailhead consider the following:

  • Can you bike, run or walk to a trail or trailhead?
  • Can you carpool with friends to a trailhead instead of meeting them there?
  • Can you use trails close to your home? Especially during busy times of the year/day?
  • Can you take public transit?

If you end up at a busy trailhead see below for great parking alternatives to some of the more popular trailheads and remember, when planning your next day out on the trails: If there is not a spot to park in, adjust your plans and explore another trail option!

A list of alternative to busy trailheads can be found below, also checkout for more info.

Alternatives to Bloods Lake Trailhead

Alternatives to Mid-Mountain Trailhead

Alternatives to Iron Mountain

Alternatives to Daly Trailhead