Off-Leash Etiquette & Expectations

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Effective January 2016, Park City Municipal Corporation has established two off-leash dog areas within city limits. Dog owners are required to comply with all rules and regulations to enjoy this privilege.

Off-Leash FAQs:

1. What does Voice and Sight Control mean?

  • All dogs within the boundaries of a designated off-leash dog area must be managed through the use of “voice and sight control” defined as control of the behavior of a dog which is not leashed or otherwise physically restrained by its owner sufficient that the dog does not without regard to circumstances or distractions:
  • Charge, chase, or otherwise display aggression toward any person or behave toward any person in a manner that a reasonable person would find harassing or disturbing;
  • Charge, chase, or otherwise display aggression toward any animal (e.g., other dogs);
  • Chase, harass, or disturb wildlife or livestock; or
  • Fail to come to and stay with the owner immediately upon command by owner.

2. What actions are prohibited within the boundaries of any off leash dog area within the jurisdiction?

  • Failure of an owner of any dog within the boundaries of an off-leash dog area to carry a leash. Electronic dog collars may not substitute for a physical leash or lead.
  • An owner having more than four dogs simultaneously unleashed.
  • Failure of an owner to exercise voice and sight control at all times.
  • Failure of an owner to properly clean up and dispose of dog waste.
  • Failure of a dog to be properly licensed and to wear a license tag.
  • Failure to follow any other posted off leash dog area rules and regulations.
  • Dogs must remain on leash within one hundred fifty feet (150’) of an off leash public trailhead.

3. If my dog has an electronic collar, can he wander free in town?

No. It must be within voice and sight control. The owner of any dog found running at-large shall be strictly liable for a violation.