Film Permits

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Film Permits

Park City is a film friendly town! For filming in the City, there are several steps you will need to take to obtain a filming/photography permit. We understand that every shoot is different and are here to work with you through our process. The more information we have, the better we can assist you and your unique requests. Fees for filming start at $80.00 for Film Permit Application Fee. Additional fees will be assessed after we understand additional parameters regarding your shoot.

If filming during the Sundance Film Festival, please review  the Park City Sundance Film Festival Website

Additional information is available by contacting Colleen McGinn at 435.615.5187 or

A complete application outlining all parameters of the request is required for a staff review no later than 21 days in advance of the first date of filming. Failure to submit a complete application and/or submission of that application outside of the required time frame may delay approval. Application submission does not guarantee approval.

A complete application must include the following:

  • Completed Filming Permit Application & application fee payment ($80.00)
  • Detailed map of planned exterior shots & activities to include staging areas
  • Detailed equipment use plans
  • Traffic management & parking plans
  • Detailed Operational plans – with communications plan, contact and detailed shot time sheets
  • Ability to obtain required insurance guidelines
  • Permission letters from residents, businesses and/or landowners surrounding or involved in your filming requests
        Please click the following links below for additional information:

Filming Policies & Regulations
Filming Application
Canvas Film Form – Permission from residences or businesses near your filming location
Insurance Requirement
Special Use of Public Parking – Public Parking & Satellite Truck Parking
Utah Film Commission – Helpful Information
Park City Chamber of Commerce – Helpful Information


Permits are reviewed by the following departments, depending upon the nature of the project:

  • Police & Public Safety
  • Building & Fire 
  • Streets, Parking & Transit 
  • Facilities Maintenance
Clean-up  & Post Filming
The permittee shall conduct operations in an orderly fashion with continuous attention to the storage of equipment not in use and the cleanup of trash and debris. The area used shall be cleaned of trash and debris upon completion of shooting at the scene and restored to the original condition before leaving the site. If permittee fails to restore the scene to the original condition, the City reserves the right to clean and restore the scene and then charge the permittee for all associated costs. 

If you have any images or short clips from your filming to share with us we would greatly appreciate it. We may also request to have a debrief meeting with you regarding your experiences filming in Park City. We appreciate your feedback.