PCHL Code Of Conduct

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The Park City Adult Hockey League (PCHL) is a USA Hockey sanctioned league which follows the Official Rules of USA Hockey except where modified by local rules. All players must have a current USA Hockey registration number and must be registered at the facility in the current PCHL season. 


Violations of this Code of Conduct may result in suspension, restriction and/or revocation of Park City Ice Arena and/or PCHL privileges without refund.

PCHL Local Rules:

  • Excessive Penalties Rule: Any player receiving three (3) penalties (minor, major and/or misconduct) in any game are immediately suspended from that game and must leave the bench and ice immediately.  The third penalty will be served by another player from the offending team.

  • Excessive Penalty Minutes (Bronze and Silver League): If a player receives 30 penalty minutes (minor, or major), they are ineligible to play until a discipline hearing is conducted by the league commissioner. 
  • Game Misconduct: A game misconduct penalty in the Silver and Bronze Leagues will carry an automatic two (2) game suspension. A game misconduct penalty in the Gold League will carry an automatic one (1) game suspension.   Additional punishment may be imposed by the league Commissioner at his/her discretion.

  • In the case of a player receiving more than one game misconduct penalty within a one (1) calendar year period, the player may be subject to additional disciplinary action. A Disciplinary Committee will meet to review the player and prior penalties and will recommend disciplinary action for the player including but not limited to an extended suspension. The Commissioner, in consultation with PCIA staff, will make the final decision of the disciplinary action.

Click Here for information on the Disciplinary Committee and Review Schedule.

  • Illegal Players: any team playing an illegal player, (which includes but is not necessarily limited to an unrostered, unapproved or a suspended player), will forfeit that game.  In the case of a repeat offense, the team will be ineligible to participate in the league playoffs for that season.   
  • Gretzky Rule: In the Silver League, a player may not score more than three (3) goals in any game. If a fourth goal is scored by the same individual, it will not count.  Instead, there will be a whistle and face-off in the offensive zone.
  • Overtime Shootout: If a game is tied at the conclusion of regulation, the teams will immediately proceed to a three (3) person shootout. The first team to score in the game will have the option to go first (or not) in the shootout. In playoff games, the overtime shootout will continue until there is a winner.

Required Waiver

All League participants are required to have a current facility waiver on file, Facility Waiver.  Facility waivers are valid for one (1) year.