Sundance Load-in/out Permits:

Red Permit:

For large-scale loading operations (only permitted between 4:00 am - 10:00 am on designated days).  First opportunity for load-out with a RED loading permit will be Tuesday (Day 6) after the start of the festival.  NO LOAD-OUT permitted during the first Saturday - Monday of the festival.

Green Permit:

For smaller loading operations such as catering, food/beverage or linen service (15 minute maximum allowed during day & evening), vehicle may not be larger than 15-feet in length.

Blue Permit:

For the active loading of musical instruments, sound equipment and related materials such as amplifiers,    microphones and cords (permitted during the day/evening but with specific parameters on location and timing)


2019 Rules of the Road

Sundance 2019 Special Load In Out Application

Sundance 2019 China Bridge Permit