Construction, Commercial, and Special Use of Public Parking

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Commercial Deliveries

For deliveries to businesses on the west side of Main Street, delivery trucks are allowed to double park on the west side of Main Street until 12:00 noon. In most cases, deliveries to businesses on the east side of Main Street are accommodated on the west side of Swede Alley. In no case is double parking allowed on the east side of Main Street. Further details may be found here.

Service Calls

Plumbing, electrical, heating/refrigeration repair, and other service vehicles need to pay for parking if the call will last three hours or less. If parking is needed for a longer period of time, email Parking Services at or call (435)615-5300 for special permit information. Vehicle parked longer than posted time limits are subject to tickets.

Construction Projects

After applying for a building permit, which requires the submittal of a Construction Mitigation Plan including a parking element, qualifying projects can apply for a Special Use of Public Parking Permit for certain uses to occupy public parking spaces. The following conditions apply:

Approval of the application will not be given unless there is/are:

  1. Equipment or items requiring continuous loading or unloading at a particular work site,
  2. Vehicle(s) with equipment or items that cannot be hauled for a long distance, or;
  3. City-authorized special events or functions that necessitate the use of public parking.

The General Contractor or Project Manager must apply in person for the permits. Any permits will only be issued to the General Contractor or Project Manager, or other single point of contact for the project.

For projects occurring in Residential Permit Zones, a Residential Business permit will be required. There is a limit of two permits per job site.

Applicants for either permit must possess a valid Park City Business License.

Parking on sidewalks or pedestrian ways is prohibited except when specifically approved under the building permit.

There is a $20 application fee and separate charges to occupy public parking spaces. Barricade devices are required and must be approved by the City. All fees must be paid in advance.


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