Selection Process

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Housing Selection Process

A waitlist is utilized for the affordable sales program. Once on the waitlist, applicants will receive notice when units become available. The email will provide instructions for any interested applicants to pursue the opportunity to purchase a unit. Opportunity to purchase will be offered to applicants who’ve submitted full, complete applications in the order of their standing on the waitlist. In order to be put on the For Sale Housing Program waitlist, follow the process below:

1. Submit Pre-Application

Fill out and submit a pre-application at the link provided here. Applications are placed at the end of the waitlist in the order they are received.

2. Pre-Applications Reviewed

Pre-applications are reviewed and placed in one of two groups: I. Affordable (Up to 80% of AMI for household size) and II. Attainable (between 80 and 150% of AMI for household size). See AMI chart.

3. Applicants Contacted

All waitlist applicants are notified when units become available for purchase. Applicants who are interested in pursuing a particular unit for sale must respond to the email. A link to a full application will be provided to anyone who responds. Full applications must be submitted (via online program) with all required financial documents, employment verification, and pre-approval from a qualified lender. 

4. Full Applications Reviewed

Full applications are reviewed thoroughly to verify qualifications. After review of full and complete applications, applicants will be contacted in the order of their waitlist standing until a match is found for each unit for sale. 

5. Waitlist Maintained

Remaining applicants make up the waitlist and will be maintained in the order of their standing. On an annual basis, the City will request that applicant information be updated and confirm desire to remain on the waitlist.  For applicants that do not reply to the request, it will be assumed that they do not desire to remain on the waitlist and will be removed.