Who Lives in Affordable Housing?

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The essential workers who keep Park City running as a world-class resort community rely on availability of affordable housing in the area. 

A diverse range of people from various personal and professional backgrounds live in affordable housing in Park City. Ski resort workers, hospitality workers, bartenders and servers, Park City Transit operators, medical professionals, educators and government workers are among those who live in affordable housing.

Below are several videos, courtesy of the Park City Community Foundation, that showcase Park City community members who live in affordable housing. Please view the videos to learn more about the real-life stories of affordable housing residents.

mya 1

Video: Affordable Housing - Mya Drexler

Mya Drexler is an active Park City community member who works as a teacher's aide. She has called her Holiday Village apartment home for over a decade and hopes to grow old in the town she loves. The community she has found as a deaf, bipolar woman offers her countless opportunities to thrive.

diego 1

Video: Affordable Housing - Diego Zegarra

Diego Zegarra is a community organizer and nonprofit professional who works to uplift the local Park City community. Without access to affordable housing, community leaders like Diego could not afford to live in Park City.

Screenshot 2024-03-04 100036

Video: Affordable Housing - Kara Cooke

Kara Cooke is a teacher at McPolin Elementary School. She grew up in Park City and now lives in affordable housing with her family. Without access to affordable housing, Kara and her family could not live in Park City. 


Note: The videos posted on this webpage were produced by the Park City Community Foundation and do not necessarily represent the opinions of Park City Municipal Corp. They are provided here for informational and educational purposes only.