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The Park City housing team administers the program, with the Advisory Committee and City Manager making the final decision on Deed Restriction awards. 

The Advisory Committee will review each Deed Restriction application and refer a decision to be approved by the City Manager. The Advisory Committee is comprised of:

  • John Guilds
  • Elyse Kats
  • Bill Pidwell
  • Ian Poor
  • Lisa Wilkinson

The Lite Deed Restriction Program Advisory Committee was created to review applications, help negotiate, and make recommendations to purchase Deed Restrictions consistent with program guidelines. The Advisory Committee is also tasked with reviewing applications, purchase and sale agreements, deed restrictions, and other forms necessary to support program administration.

Meetings will occur as needed until the pilot program’s funding is exhausted. The Advisory Committee consists of five members plus a City Council Liaison.


Rhoda Stauffer, Housing Program Administrator

435.615.5152 | rhoda.stauffer@parkcity.org


Who is Eligible?
Why should I consider Deed Restricting my property?
What is a Deed Restriction?
What are the key terms of the Deed Restriction?
What happens to the Deed Restriction when I sell my property?
Can I rent my property after signing the Deed Restriction?
How is the is the value of a Deed Restriction determined?
How is my property evaluated by the Advisory Committee?