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The City encourages equal opportunity employment.  In the performance of any agreement engaged by the City, Contractor and/or subcontractor will not discriminate against any qualified person in matters of compensation and other terms, privileges, and conditions of employment because of: race, color, religion, sex (including pregnancy, childbirth, pregnancy-related conditions, breastfeeding, or medical conditions related to breastfeeding), national origin, age (40 or older), disability, genetic information, sexual orientation, gender identity, or protected expressions. Contractor and/or subcontractor shall take such action with respect to this Agreement as may be required to ensure full compliance with local, State, and federal laws prohibiting discrimination in employment.

Public Notice of Proposed Waiver: Quinns Junction Water Treatment Plant Granular Activated Carbon Reactivation

  • Department:Water, Public Utilities
  • Start Date:02/09/2024
  • Close Date:02/21/2024 12:00 PM


DATE ISSUED: February 9, 2024

PROPOSED SERVICE: Quinns Junction Water Treatment Plant Granular Activated Carbon Reactivation



Please take notice of Park City Municipal Corporation’s (PCMC’s) intent to waive a competitive procurement process. PCMC Procurement Rule 5-3 provides that the competitive procurement requirements may be waived under circumstances where there is a reasonable justification and the waiver is in the best interests of PCMC. The Procurement Official has determined that a waiver is appropriate for a contract for reactivating exhausted Calgon Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) CMR-F400 from the Quinns Junction Water Treatment Plant and supplementing the reactivated material with 20% additional virgin Calgon GAC Filtrasorb 400 in the amount of $94,200 to Calgon Carbon based on the information below:


Waiver Justification:

Per Procurement Policy Section 5-3 Waiver of Standard Procurement Process (A)2, awarding the contract through a Standard Procurement Process is impractical and not in the best interest of PCMC because procurement of the services is unlikely to produce competition and for reasons discussed below. Per policy 5-3 (A)(2) (b), this service and associated purchase is of particular benefit to the City in order to match existing equipment and facilities and for its specialized effectiveness in treating the sources of incoming water. The Quinns Junction Water Treatment Plant has performed effectively with utilization of Calgon Carbon reactivated CMR-F400 and virgin Calgon GAC Filtrasorb 400 by reducing organics from unique local surface water which has been demonstrated over multiple previous GAC replacement cycles. Additionally, per policy 5-3 (A)(2)(a), this service is from a sole source and a procurement procedure would be unlikely to produce competition. Calgon Carbon is the only company that picks up exhausted CMR-F400, reactivates it, returns it and provides the required additional 20% of virgin Calgon GAC Filtrasorb 400. The additional virgin Calgon GAC Filtrasorb 400 is required to provide “make-up” GAC due to the reactivation process breaking down GAC resulting in less replacement volume and the need to replace exhausted GAC with the same volume as removed in order to fill the filter vessel. Calgon Carbon has long provided these services to PCMC and has been the only respondent in previously requested quotes that PCMC has sought for similar services.


*To submit comments regarding this Notice of Proposed Waiver, please email Gretchen Haller at within seven days of the date of posting.

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