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Building Envelope Commissioning

  • Department:Sustainability
  • Category:Current RFP's and Bids
  • RFP Number:Matt
  • Start Date:03/29/2019 4:44 PM
  • Close Date:04/18/2019 4:00 PM


Park City (PCMC) requests proposals from qualified engineers to perform Building Envelope Commissioning and Mechanical Engineer/Commissioning Agent for the Public Utilities and Public Works Building Renovation project.  The project briefly consists of the renovation and reconstruction of 5000 square feet of an existing building to provide office space for administration and operations personnel, as well as, vehicle, equipment and storage needs for various departments.  For a more detailed RFP please contact Matthew Twombly at  The deadline for receipt of submittals is 4 pm Monday April 18, 2019. PCMC reserves the right to cancel the project at any time and/or reject all proposals for any reason preceding contract execution. 


Public Utilities and Public Works Renovations Building Envelope Commissioning Agent (BECxA) and Mechanical Engineer/Commissioning Agent (CxA) RFP Questions



Q:  On page 5 it states the following


Additional information about the project can be found on the City’s website; under Departments - Public Utilities;  Engineering & Construction Division .  We cannot find anything regarding the project…size, construction budget, design team (if known), etc.?


A:  I will release schematic drawings early the week of April 8, 2019 and additional project information regarding size, construction budget, and design team. 


Q:  Please confirm the due date is not on a Monday. 


A:  The RFP has the correct date of Thursday  April 18th as the due date.   


Q:  Our firm is a Building Commissioning company only.  Would you prefer that we propose independent pricing? Or would teaming up with a Mechanical Engineering/ Commissioning firm be acceptable?


A:  The RFP allows firms submit to submit on one or for both parts.  The City would prefer to contract with one entity as two contracts from different firms may be harder to manage and coordinate. 


Q:  Will the RFP consist solely of our rate structure at this time or do you want related pricing specifically for the bus barn. If you want specific pricing for the bus barn at this time, can you describe it further?


A:  In addition to your rate structural I would like to receive a proposal for the work.  Please provide a preliminary work plan identifying the tasks to be accomplished, the positions or individuals anticipated to execute each task, hours anticipated for each task and proposed deliverables schedule for completing the project. The exact scope, timeline, deliverables, and Not-to-Exceed total for Services will be negotiated with the selected Consultant Design Team prior to execution of the contract.


Q:  The RFP mentions energy modeling and analysis.  Do we need to include energy modeling as part of the Cx scope of work?  If so, I assume the energy model does not need to include the existing portion of the building that will not be changed by this project, is that correct?  Would this model be updated through each phase of design to help evaluate system options? 


A:  1.  The Design Team of Archiplex has added energy modeling to their design services.  There will coordination between the Owner, Design Team, Energy modeling, Building Commissioning Agent, Mechanical Engineering Commissioning Agent, and Construction Manager.

      2.  There is an existing portion of the building that will not be changed or included.

      3.  The modeling will be updated moving through design.


Q:  The RFP lists an approximate schedule that shows commissioning work extending through December 2020 which corresponds to about 1 year past substantial completion/occupancy.  The RFP also indicates post-construction follow-up at 24 months.  Do we need to include commissioning follow-up past the first year of occupancy?


A:  Per the language of the resolution here:


We are required to have a follow up verification at 3, 6, 9 and 12 months for commissioning.

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