Dirt Park Rules

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Park City Dirt Jump Park Rules & Regulations

The Dirt Jump Park is a ride-at-your-own-risk facility.This is a non-supervised facility designed for non motorized bicycles only. Use of these facilities is a high-risk activity. Dirt Jump biking can be a dangerous sport. Use common sense and ride only within your own abilities.

Protective equipment, including helmet, gloves, knee and elbow pads, wrist protection, and proper shoes should be used at all times. Use of this park may expose the user to serious injury.

Bicycles and other equipment must be used in good repair. Use this facility within the limits of your abilities.

Inspect the riding surfaces before you begin use. Remove any trash, debris or objects on riding surfaces. Do not ride if there is damage to the riding surface. Report any facility damage to the Park City Recreation Department at 615-5401.

Use of this facility is prohibited when the surfaces are wet or during routine maintenance periods. Motorized vehicles, dirt bikes or four wheelers are not permitted in the dirt jump park. Modifications to the riding surface are prohibited.

Other Rules & Operating Hours

Hours of Operation: 8am to dusk
Food, beverages and smoking are prohibited in the dirt jump park facility
Organized events require the prior approval of the Recreation Department
This is a drug-free/alcohol-free recreation area
Abusive, profane or foul language, or aggressive behavior, will not be tolerated
Amplified music is prohibited
No pets allowed in the dirt jump park
Failure to adhere to Dirt Jump Park regulations may result in loss of facility privileges and/or citation