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In 1922 the McPolins erected the barn of recycled timber salvaged from an old tailings mill. The barn was built by fitting timbers together without the use of nails. The barn is 7,468 square feet including the loft, and the milking parlor, added in the 1950s, is 1,500 square feet. Windows have been installed in the barn for public viewing. 

The McPolin house is a somewhat smaller replica of the original structure, which was moved to this location in two pieces in the early 1920s, the farmhouse is 400 square feet. Prior to its relocation, it served as a mine office. The reconstructed house is similar in outward appearance to the original Pyramid Cottage type house, which reflects early 20th century Park City architecture. The reconstructed equipment shed houses restrooms and meeting space.

Patrick and Grace McPolin inherited the farm in 1922 and operated it as a dairy farm until they sold it to D. A. Osguthorpe, a Salt Lake veterinarian, in 1947. He increased the herd to 100 and built the milking parlor. The old house burned shortly after Osguthorpe purchased the farm. A concrete block house was built across the highway where members of the family lived until Park City purchased the farm in 1990.

McPolin Barn by KHatch on Sketchfab

Credit, Kellan Hatch

The Farm has been extensively refurbished, including a structural upgrade on the barn, to maintain it as the most significant visual feature of the valley and an entry corridor landmark. The bucolic setting provides a haven from today's fast-paced life and welcomes residents and visitors to Park City. A hiking/skiing/biking trail is located along the upper edge of the property.

McPolin Farm Historic Preservation Plan

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