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Community Visioning

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Community Visioning Background

Since the late 1980s, Park City has led several community visioning initiatives to invite community members to lay out their vision for Park City’s future. A key objective of visioning is to help articulate community elements that, if lost, would fundamentally change the character of Park City. The goal is to outline a vision from the Park City community that can help guide decisions and measure results over 10 years. 

The previous visioning process, conducted in 2009, concluded that the Park City community wanted to ‘Keep Park City, Park City’. The participants also defined four community values: Sense of Community, Natural Setting, Small Town, and Historic Character, which were incorporated into the City’s general and strategic planning structure.

The City’s last vision sought to retain the unique mountain town appeal despite significant pressure from development and growth, balance the interests of residents and tourism, and push back against affordability pressures while also investing in transportation solutions. As a result, Council adopted four Critical Priorities in 2017: Transportation, Energy, Housing, and Social Equity. These priorities were defined by the mantra, “If we don’t get these right, it could have a significant negative impact on our community.”