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The Community Engagement Team's goal is to foster communication and connection between the community and Park City Municipal. The team of four manages strategic communications, stakeholder outreach, graphic design, digital content development, and community events.

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Over 5,000 E-Bike Rides Taken Since Summit Bike Share Launched One Month Ago

Program Receiving National Recognition in Bicycling Magazine

Post Date:08/22/2017 6:52 PM

Over 5,000 E-Bike Rides Taken Since Summit Bike Share Launched
One Month Ago

Program Receiving National Recognition in Bicycling Magazine 

Park City, UT (August 22, 2017) — Since its launch on July 19, over 5,000 bike trips have been taken through Summit County and Park City’s Summit Bike Share program, operated by Bewegen. Over 19,000 miles have been logged by 941 riders who have taken 5,010 trips on the electric bikes. Emissions avoided by e-bike use in just this first month are equivalent to the greenhouse gas emissions from four cars driven for half a year.

“Using U.S. Department of Transportation data, the combined fuel economy of cars and light trucks is 21.6 miles per gallon. Assuming the bikes effectively displaced 880 gallons of fuel, that would equate to preventing 7.8 metric tons of carbon dioxide-equivalent emissions from entering the atmosphere,” said Lisa Yoder, Summit County sustainability manager.  

Nine stations for the electric bikes are located throughout the Snyderville Basin and within the Park City limits. Initial results show the most active stations are Park Avenue, Newpark Plaza and the Old Town Transit Center. Six of the stations have credit card readers allowing riders paying with a credit card to pay for up to four bike rentals at a time. The convenient Summit Bike Share app gives riders the ability to purchase weekly or monthly passes, become a Go Passholder, check the status of any station in real-time, start the timer and get an alert before needing to return the e-bike, and keep track of previous rides and total miles traveled.  

As this may be the first experience on an electric bicycle for locals and visitors, ensuring a safe ride is essential. Summit Bike Share offers the following guidelines:

Plan your Route
Choose the most bike-friendly route by checking the Summit Bike Share Map or App. Certain paths can be challenging, so we’ve recommended popular routes for a more comfortable ride.

Inspect your Bike
Safety first - check that your e-bike is in top shape before going for a ride:

  • Check the charge on the dashboard. If the screen is blank, wake the bike up by pressing the horn.
  • Adjust the seat height to the perfect fit.
  • Check the tire pressure by squeezing the tires. Low or flat? Check out another bike.
  • Ensure that both brakes work by giving them a squeeze.
  • Riding at night? Make sure the front and back lights are flashing.

Please Wear a Helmet
While it’s not a requirement to wear a helmet, Summit Bike Share strongly encourages helmet use to reduce the probability of a head injury in the event of an accident.

Choose an appropriate type and size for your head. Take the time to adjust your helmet correctly: it should sit level on your head and not move forward or backward. You should be able to put no more than two fingers in the space between the chinstrap and your skin.

Respect the Road
Bikes need to follow the same rules as vehicles: stop at traffic lights and signs, avoid going down one-way streets, and walk your bike when on sidewalks. Ride on bike paths whenever possible. When riding on transportation trails, do not go faster than 14.5 miles per hour.

Be Careful and Respectful

  • While riding in traffic, keep your distance from other vehicles.
  • Try to stay three feet away from parked cars. The driver/passenger may open their door unexpectedly when exiting their vehicle.
  • Make yourself visible and be confident to take the full lane when needed.
  • Keep eyes out for pedestrians crossing the street.
  • Pay attention to obstacles on the road: potholes, sewer grates, and railroad tracks can be dangerous when bicycling.

 Be Predictable

  • Don’t make sudden turns and stops, and be sure to signal your intentions with proper arm signals.
  • Signal when you intend to stop, slow or turn.
  • Check behind you before turning to be sure there are no oncoming vehicles.
  • Make eye contact with other road and pathway users to ensure they see you and register your turning signals.

The Summit Bike Share program is attracting national attention, including a nod from Bicycling magazine. As the Bicycling article points out, “while some cities in the US, such as Baltimore, Maryland, and Birmingham, Alabama, have integrated pedal-assist bikes into their existing bike-share programs, Park City has become the first to create a fleet consisting entirely of e-bikes. Bewegen, the vendor for the bikes and docking stations, found that in Baltimore pedal-assist bikes are checked out three times more often than regular bikes, further cementing Park City's belief that their fleet should be all-electric.”

The Summit Bike Share program is supported by the “Let’s Go Summit” transportation tax initiative. Phase One of the program introduces 88 electric-assist (“pedelec”) bikes among nine stations throughout Synderville Basin and the Park City limits, with Phase Two planned to open summer 2018. The program’s pedelec bikes have a low center of gravity and high-capacity brakes, ensuring high stability, durability, and safety are appropriate for all ages and ability levels. The relaxed ergonomics and upright, semi-flatfoot riding position provide a safe, comfortable ride, and the DynaMe Propulsion motor ensures riders arrive at your destination quickly and without breaking a sweat, offering a viable alternative to driving a personal vehicle. Transportation officials from both Summit County and Park City hope the electric bike sharing option will encourage residents and visitors to make short transportation trips without use of a private vehicle.

For more information, or to sign up as a Summit Bike Share member, please visit


Media Contacts:
Krachel Greenwood
Community and Public Affairs Coordinator
Summit County, UT

Linda Jager
Community Engagement Manager
Park City Municipal Corporation



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