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Park City Council Meeting Summary May 16, 2019

Post Date:05/20/2019 3:21 PM



Discussion Regarding Non-Profit Use of City-Owned Land at Quinn’s Junction
Mountain Trails Foundation and Summit Land Conservancy requested to construct a public visitor center for trails and open space on City-owned property at Quinn’s Junction. Staff sought Council’s initial support and guidance to conduct deeper analysis of the land use including the master planned development, deed restrictions, the recreation master plan, and input from the general public and stakeholders, as well as various City departments to determine the feasibility

Representatives from Summit Land Conservancy and Mountain Trails Foundation expressed their optimism and public benefits that would result from a visitor center. Council suggested that City staff explore the opportunity further.
Quinn's Junction Sports Complex Staff Report
Exhibit A: Quinn's Junction Deed Restrictions
Exhibit B: Concept Site Plan




Spring Runoff Update
City staff provided a second update regarding spring runoff. Runoff has been steady and is running about average at this time.
Spring Runoff Staff Report



Council approved the following items from the consent agenda:

  • A request to accept donated artwork created by artists Erin D. Garcia and Jillian Evelyn into the Public Art Collection. This piece of artwork is a mural on the Park City Ice Arena that Vans had created for a commercial filming project.
    Public Art Donation Staff Report
    Exhibit A: Vans Donation Proposal of Artwork to the City
    Exhibit B: Donation Gift Agreement and Final Acceptance Form


  • A request to execute a construction agreement with Harrison Western Construction Corporation Inc., for the Spiro Mine Tunnel Reconstruction Project in an amount not to exceed $66,681. This agreement is for reconstruction of the first four-hundred feet of the Spiro Tunnel.
    Spiro Tunnel Reconstruction Staff Report


  • A request to execute a Professional Services Agreement with Lithos Engineering Inc., for Design Services for the Spiro Mine Tunnel Reconstruction Project in an amount not to exceed $150,000. This agreement will allow the City to hire a contractor that has design expertise for the tunnel.
    Spiro Tunnel Design Services and Program Management Staff Report


  • A request to execute an addendum to the 2018 Water Improvement Project Construction Agreement with Daley Excavators, L.L.C. for an amount not to exceed $475,000. This addendum will allow for continuation of a project that began last year, which includes multiple small repairs under one contract.
    2018 Water Improvements Project Change Order 2 Staff Report


  • A request to approve the third addendum to the Professional Services Agreement (PSA) with Lochner Inc. for an expanded scope of Engineering and Environmental Document Preparation Services for State Route 248 Corridor Project with additional sufficient funding of $82,273.42 and the new project total not to exceed $1,596,053.25. This contract is for an environmental assessment for the SR-248 corridor project. The contract is a result of a meeting between Mayor Beerman and UDOT. Assessment would include options on Comstock Drive, draining updates, and right-of-way impacts.
    SR 248 Contract Addendum Staff Report

    Attachment A: Lochner Scope of Work, Cost Breakdown, and Schedule


  • A request to Approve the Professional Service Agreement with Sparano & Mooney Architecture in a Form Approved by the City Attorney's Office in an Amount Not to Exceed $106,380 for Architecture Services at 100 Marsac Avenue. This agreement will allow for the City to get entitlement on land for a potential affordable housing project.
    100 Marsac Avenue Staff Report

    100 Marsac Avenue Housing RFP

    Design Professional Service Agreement - Sparano Mooney


  • A request to sign a Professional Service Agreement with AECOM for preliminary design and engineering for six bus shelter improvements and a bus stop accessibility study in an amount not to exceed $168,676. This agreement is for retaining wall adjustments and the design of bus shelters throughout Park City that will increase overall bus stop accessibility.
    Bus Shelter Improvements Staff Report



Council continued the following new business items:

  • 2019-20 City Manager's Recommended balanced Budget: Presentation and Review was continued to the May 30, 2019 Council meeting for approval. Staff will present transit funding and water projects to Council in the next few weeks.
    2020 Budget Staff Report


  • An ordinance approving municipal code amendments regarding Gravel and Landscaping in Title 11 Chapter 15-3 Acceptable Cover, Title 14 Chapter 2-7 Park Strips; Land Management Code Title 15 Chapter 3-3 General Parking and Driveway Standards; Title 15 Chapters 5-1 Policy and Purpose and 5-5(N) Landscaping; and Title 15 Chapter 15-15 Definitions was continued to the May 30, 2019 Council meeting. Planning and Sustainability departments would like to work through the document together before submitting it for approval.
    Gravel and Landscaping Amendments Staff Report


  • Consideration to continue the Twisted Branch Subdivision within the Flagstaff Mountain Development area, located south of Pod B2 and the Montage Resort and north of Pod D and the Red Cloud Subdivision, which will affect access into Brighton Estates, Bonanza Flats, and Wasatch County, was continued to the June 20, 2019 Council meeting for public hearing and property negotiations.
    Twisted Branch Subdivision Plat Staff Report


Council approved the following new business items:

  • Ordinance 2019-06 approving land management code amendments regarding Section 15-13 Design Guidelines for Historic Districts and Historic Sites and 15-15 Definitions. This was the third time this item has been to Council, with this version containing edits as recommended by Council. After extensive conversation between City staff, Preservation Board members, and Council, the item passed.
    Design Guidelines Staff Report and Ordinance


  • Implementation of a 2.0% service fee on non-utility credit card transactions equal to or greater than $5,000, which is effective July 1, 2019. This will primarily affect the Building, Planning, and Engineering departments. Customers will continue to be able to pay by check without a service fee.
    Credit Card Fee Staff Report

    Attachment A: Fee Comparison


  • Ordinance 2019-27, approving the Stag Lodge Phase IV Third Amended Plat, which amends Unit 46 Located at 8200 Royal Street #46, Park City, Utah. This amended plat will allow the property owner to dig out a basement. A 2% impact fee on this project will be enacted as water will need to be adjusted.
    8200 Royal Street Unit 46 Plat Staff Report

    8200 Royal Street Unit 46 Plat Exhibits


  • Ordinance No. 2019-28, approving the Double H Plat Amendment, an amendment of Lots 5, 6, 7, and 8, and the south one-half (1/2) of Lot 9, Block 56, Snyder's addition to the Park City survey, located at 1120, 1124, and 1128 Park Avenue. This amendment will allow for properties to be combined as a current property line runs through a resident’s kitchen.
    Double H Plat Amendment Staff Report
    Double H Plat Amendment Exhibits



  • Planning Commission: 5/22, 5:30 p.m. at City Hall
  • City Council: 5/30, 6:00 p.m. at City Hall
  • Historic Preservation Board: 6/5, 5:00 p.m. at City Hall
  • City Council: 6/6, 6:00 p.m. at City Hall



Interested in tuning in to listen to the 5/20 Council meeting in its entirety? Visit the following link to access audio from the meeting. Audio from Park City Council meetings is now offered with closed captioning.

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This is an unofficial summary of the meeting. To read the official minutes; please visit the meetings page on the city's website. Minutes are posted once they are approved.

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