Dog Task Force

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On February 25, 2016, Park City Council adopted a resolution (page 183) creating a dog task force whose charter is to explore criteria in establishing management and infrastructure options related to dogs and dog-related programs.

The task force will be discussing the following topics and providing recommendations where applicable:

  • Criteria to evaluate other possible dog related designated areas or improvements, including:
    • Fenced Dog Parks
    • Unfenced off-leash areas
    • Areas where dogs should be prohibited/excluded
  • Possible Management tools in designated areas
    • Seasonal, Daily or hourly restrictions
    • Geographical restrictions/parameters
  • Criteria to establish High Enforcement areas
  • Additional Dog related Policies, Regulations and Programs
    • Specific off leash ordinance
    • Education/Outreach
  • Participate in the evaluation of existing Round Valley and Library field-designated areas


The city is currently conducting a pilot project to determine the value and viability off two designated off-leash areas within city limits: Library Field and a portion of Round Valley. As part of the data-gathering process, the city conducted an online survey earlier this month. View the survey results here.

Dog owners are required to comply with all rules and regulations to enjoy the off-leash dog area privilege. Visit this page for a list of frequently asked questions and to view maps of the off-leash dog areas.


Heinrich Deters, Park City Municipal Corporation
Jody Morrison, Park City Municipal Corporation
Craig Sanchez, Park City Municipal Corporation 
Ken Fisher, Park City Municipal Corporation 
Tate Shaw, Park City Municipal Corporation   

Charlie Sturgis, Mountainlands Foundation
Kate Sattelmeier, Summit Land Conservancy
Rusty Millholland, Utah Open Lands 
Clay Coleman, Summit County
Andrew Leatham, Park City Police Department
Jamie Sheetz, Park City School District
Brian Hanton, Snyderville Basin Special Recreation District
Alisha Nishwander, Recreation Advisory Board
Cynthia Sandoval, Recreation Advisory Board
Eric Hoffman, Recreation Advisory Board
Tod Frohnen, At-Large Member
Barbara Maw, At-Large Member
Becky Burns, At-Large Member
Ed Parigian, At-Large Member
Alison Childs, At-Large Member


Meeting Agenda February 29, 2016
Meeting Agenda March 14, 2016
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Meeting Agenda May 2, 2016
Meeting Agenda May 16, 2016
Meeting Agenda May 23, 2016


Meeting Minutes February 29, 2016
Meeting Minutes March 14, 2016
Meeting Minutes March 28, 2016
Meeting Minutes April 11, 2016
Meeting Minutes May 2, 2016