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Insulation is like a internal blanket for you home that keeps your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. It also helps protect your home from air leaks and control moisture.  One of the fastest and most cost effective ways to improve your home's energy efficienty and increase comfort is to properly insulate. There should be insulation in your attic, ceiling, walls, floors and crawls spaces.

The energy efficiency of insulation is measured in R-values, and the higher the R-value the better your walls and roof resist the transfer of heat in or out of your home. Each region has a recommended R-value depending on the local climate conditions. In general for the Utah Region, the following R-values are recommended, but more is even better:

  • Walls to R-23
  • Floors to R-30
  • Attics to R-49
For more customized insulation recommendations visit Energy Savors Zip Code Insulation Calculator, which lists the most economic insulation levels for your new or existing home based on your zip code and basic information about your house.
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