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Park City: a Municipality Leading Sustainability


Park City has made North America’s most ambitious climate goals: to be net-zero carbon and run on 100% renewable electricity for city operations by 2022, and for the whole community by 2030. These goals, passed unanimously by City Council with strong community support, are not just aspirational but achievable.

Our high level strategies are:

4 strategies

Energy Efficiency- Reducing our energy demand is the most important strategy for Park City to meet is carbon neutral goal. Energy efficiency is about reducing the amount of energy needed to do everyday activities such as heating our homes, moving around town, and producing goods and services.

Electrification- Another strategy to head towards the goal of net-zero carbon is to convert our energy from fossil based to renewable electricity. For example, Park City Municipal is converting its transit system from diesel powered buses to electric and setting up the charging infrastructure for personal electric vehicles. All new affordable housing that the City builds will be heated using electricity instead of natural gas.

100% Renewables- As we convert our energy demand from fossil fuels to electric, we also need to ensure that our electricity supply is emissions free. Electricity generated from renewables produces no greenhouse gas emissions.

Regeneration- The emissions that Park City cannot eliminate will be balanced by removing carbon from the atmosphere and storing it in soils and biomass.


This is an exciting time.  Join us in leading impactful change.

Department Contact Information:

Luke Cartin
Environmental Sustainability Manager

Celia Peterson
Environmental Sustainability Project Manager

The information contained on these pages is for general information. For the most up-to-date programs, projects, and information, please reach out to our staff.