Energy efficiency

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Reducing our energy demand is the most important strategy for Park City to meet is carbon neutral goal. Energy efficiency is about reducing the amount of energy needed to do everyday activities such as heating our homes, moving around town, and producing goods and services.

Staff works collaboratively to reduce the energy demand of our municipal operations by :

  1. tracking the electricity and natural gas consumption of buildings, and fuel usage from municipal fleet, police vehicles, and buses,
  2. working with teams and departments to understand the energy they consume to perform municipal duties, and
  3. collaborating to identify projects that drive down energy usage, which ultimately saves money and reduces our carbon footprint.

Examples of projects which have resulted in considerable energy savings:

Net Zero Energy buildings- all new buildings and major renovations that use municipal funds, including affordable housing, must meet a net-zero energy performance standard. This means that must produce as much energy on site as the building requires on an annual basis. Energy efficiency and right-sizing building systems are imperative to meet this rigorous standard. Read more here. 

Temperature zoning- at the Quinn's Water Treatment Plant, temperature zones were set up so that spaces that did not need to be "room temperature", such as the treatment floor, were not heated or cooled. Instead employees were given jackets and gloves to wear when they needed to be in that space. This resulted in an annual 30% drop in natural gas usage.

Lighting control upgrades and sensors- greater control over light switches at the MARC have allowed staff to turn off lights on tennis and basketball courts that aren't in use.

An energy audit of City Hall identified several actions that can help save electricity and natural gas. Stay tuned for realized savings.