Sales Tax

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Quarterly Sales Trends

Park City Municipal Corporation has compiled citywide sales and sales tax data and organized it into a statistical report showing historical sales trends from a variety of different perspectives. The purpose of this report is not to project future sales in the City or extrapolate future sales tax revenues. The report is intended only to present historical data with analysis limited to explanations of what has already transpired. Hypotheses and conjectures of future events are left to the reader to evaluate for themselves.

The organization and content of this report swings on two principal hinges:

1) For the purposes of better understanding trends, the City was split into eight geographical areas, henceforth referred to as "geos." Each geo is analyzed in the report to show specific trends within the area that make it unique and add to the overall sales makeup of the City.

2) Sales data is viewed by retail type (Lodging, Restaurants, Retail, Services, Utilities, and Other). The historical sales trends presented by retail type add an important dimension to this report, and may serve as a useful tool to business people and entrepreneurs operating in and interested in operating within Park City. In order to keep data as up-to-date as possible, geos are analyzed in relation to each other and by industry type in a citywide report. An individual analysis is provided for the Main Street geo. In addition, geo data tables for the last 9 years are provided for each geo, organized by quarterly sales figures and industry type.

There are a few additional important premises that factor into this City Sales Report:

  • Park City thrives primarily off of the ski industry, and the seasonal nature of this industry influences each geo and retail type, as seen in the report.
  • The data collected for this report is comprised of sales figures reported to the State by businesses in Park City. The sales tax numbers are estimates based on the l% local option tax that is assessed in Park City. The analysis does not deal with the Resort Community Tax (1.1%) or the City's Transit Tax (.30%).
  • Finally, all data presented in this report is organized by fiscal year and fiscal quarter. The fiscal year begins July 1 and runs through June 30 of the following year. Fiscal Quarter 1, therefore, begins in July and ends the last day of September.  

Sales & Use/Transient Room Taxes

  •  To see the current Sales & Use/Transient Room Tax Rates, please refer to the Utah State Tax Commission website under Sales & Use Tax Rates, and follow these steps:

To see the Sales & Use Taxes that make up Park City's "base" tax:

-Open the most recent "Combined" Rate Chart; then, look for Park City under "Summit County"

To see other miscellaneous sales tax rates and fees: 

-Open the most recent "Other" Rate Chart; then, look for Park City under "Summit County"


*if you are a vendor that needs to collect sales tax for a temporary amount of time (Park Silly Market, etc.), please contact the Utah State Tax Commission for more information.

If you require additional information about Park City sales tax, please contact the Budget, Debt, & Grants department.