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Special Events Planning Guide, Application & Approval Process

Click Here for the Park City Special Events Planning Guide

Click here for the Master Festival (MFL) and Special Events Application

**When completing the Special Events Application and submitting online, you must first save the application to your computer. If you do not save the application first, your work will be lost upon pushing the submit button.

Each year, the  Park City event calendar is made up of a unique mixture of events. From internationally recognized, to community focused, events enhance our visitor's experiences and create a vibrant community for the residence who live here.

For each event, our goal is to help your event to be safe and successful. Taking time to plan for the impacts of your event is a must. Please refer to the Park City Special Event Planning Guide (above) for answers to the most frequently asked questions pertaining to events. You may also email us at or call us at 435.615.5150. 

Dirt Jump Jam

Photograph taken by Ben Van Avermaete during the Park City Dirt Jump Jam.

Our Process:
We work with all event organizers to manage the busy Park City Event Calendar. As you work towards planning your event in, please review the following information regarding our Special Event Application Process. The success of your event relies upon providing us with complete and detailed information. Our role is to help an applicant gain approval for event permits by mitigating potential impacts to our community. While we provide a regulatory role for the City, we intend to help you understand the requirements necessary to meet city codes and policies.

As a reminder, complete applications for Master Festival Licenses are due no later than 90 days prior to an event. Complete applications for Special Events are due no later than 60 days before an event. All events, including first year or reoccurring, are not permitted until approved by the Special Events Staff and/or City Council.

The application process takes time. We want to make sure event organizers understand the process of the Special Event Permit. If you have questions before submitting your complete application, we are happy to set up a pre-application meeting to discuss your event questions. Upon the receipt of a complete application, we work with various City departments to help coordinate your event and mitigate impacts to the surrounding community. Prior to the approval of your event, we will provide you with an invoice outlining estimated costs of City Services. Once your event has concluded, we will ask you to complete a survey and participate in an event debrief meeting regarding the services you received from Park City Municipal so we can continue to improve on the success of your event.

Upon receiving an incomplete application, we will send you an email notice and work with you towards creating a complete application. We can not formally begin our review process for applications until complete applications have been received.

Complete applications need to include the following:
* Failure to submit the required information for a complete application may result in denial of event.
• Completed Master Festival and Special Event Application
• Application Fee ( $80.00 for returning events, $160.00 for new events)
• Insurance Requirement
• Site Maps – (we suggest using Google Earth)
• Operations Plan & Timeline
• Parking & Transit Plan
• Road Closure Plan & Schedule
• Safety Plan (This should include EMS, Fire and Police and communication plan)
• Emergency Plan
• Weather Date and/or Weather Conditions Plan
• Route & Trails Map or Fields & Parks Use Schedule
• Volunteer Plan & Schedule
• Residential Notification & Mitigation Plan
• Permission Letters from Private Land or Property Owners.
•Sign & Banner Plans
•Trash, Waste & Recycling Plan

*Please be aware that your event may require permits from other cities, counties or state agencies – these may include but are not limited to –City Building Department, Utah Department of Alcohol and Beverage Control, Park City Fire District, Summit County Health Department. Any additional City services accrued will be billed to the event organizer after the event.