Strategic Planning


Through evolving and sustaining a complete community, the City Council of Park City Municipal Corporation developed four strategic goals and three critical priorities that guide decision-making and provide the structure for ensuring that incremental, measurable steps are taken to achieve the community’s vision and values.

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Community Vision and Values

In 2009 the City conducted a series of interviews, surveys, open houses, etc., to better understand the Community Vision or the way residents see Park City, what they value, and what they want local government to focus on. We learned that our mandate is to Keep Park City “Park City”. The City’s strategic planning process is designed to ensure that all city actions are geared toward achieving this Vision.

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General Plan
The General Plan is the guiding document for all of Park City’s land use planning efforts and related operations and projects. The document focuses on the four Core Values identified during the visioning process and outlines strategies and goals which the City will pursue in order to effectuate development in accordance with those values.
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Land Management Code
The strategies and goals set forth in the General Plan are codified into a zoning ordinance and development standards contained in the Land Management Code. These regulations are critical to successfully Keeping Park City “Park City”.  Learn more...


Park City Long Term Strategic Plan
This long-range strategic plan sets forth four priorities that will guide decision making and provide the structure for ensuring that incremental, measurable steps are taken to achieve the Community Vision. These four Council Priorities are:

    Park City Long Term Strategic Plan also lists several Desired Outcomes within each priority area which help to specify what we hope to achieve by 2030. 

    Park City Municipal Long Term Strategic Plan

    Biennial Plan

    The Biennial Strategic Plan draws on Park City Long Term Strategic Plan, the Business Plans, and the Budget Document to give a summary of the City’s approach over the next two years to pursue Council Priorities and the Community Vision. This document is used to report highlights of the Strategic Planning Process to Council during their annual Visioning Session, and it is updated every two years. Progress on the Council Goals and Priorities are tracked using the following action item reports, organized by the Council Goals:

    Thriving Mountain Community Action Items

    Preserving & Enhancing the Natural Environment Action Items

    Sustaining an Exceptional Quality of Life

    Engaged & Effective Government & Citizenry

    Business Plans

    Each department or team has developed a business plan in which specific Strategies are outlined along with associated Action Steps the department will take in pursuit of these strategies in the next year or two. These strategies and action steps are directly linked to desired outcomes identified in Park City Long Term Strategic Plan.

    Budget Document

    The City’s budget process – “Budgeting for Outcomes” – is tailored to align with the strategic planning process.

    In Budgeting for Outcomes, departments submit cost bids for each operating program and capital project at levels of service outlined in their Business Plans. These programs and projects are linked to the strategies in their business plans as well as the desired outcomes identified in Park City Long Term Strategic Plan. Each bid is then prioritized by a panel of City staff using a set of criteria that evaluates the degree to which the bid effectively achieves desired outcomes. In this manner, the City ensures that available resources are being funneled toward the programs and projects that best meet the Community Vision. 

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