Street Projects

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The pavement management program is designed to maximize pavement life while minimizing pavement costs.  This is completed by identifying the correct time frame for carrying out appropriate maintenance.  Our Street network contains 126 lane miles.  This year’s work included rotomilling and paving of 5.4 lane miles and 4.6 lane miles of slurry sealing.

  • 34.75 Tons of crack sealant was installed along various streets throughout Park City. 

  • 110 Utility Adjustments including Water Valves, Sewer, Storm Drain, and Survey Monuments.

  • 5,526 Tons of hot asphalt overlays

  • 44,421 square yards of Type II slurry seal coating.

  • 19,035 square yards of seal coating was installed along our Bike paths.

Pavement condition reports have identified the overall condition of Park City’s pavement system. A remaining service life (RSL) scale is used with 20-year remaining life being pavement in the best possible condition and a 0-year remaining life being the worst. This condition report includes the effect of surface, base, subgrade, load, environmental conditions and materials.

A RSL of 10 years or higher is ideal for pavements in the Intermountain Area. Currently we have a RSL of 8.84; this puts Park City very close to achieving the recommended RSL with current funding and materials cost levels. The higher we can keep the pavement score the less expensive they will be to repair and maintain.

An average RSL of 8.84 indicates that our pavement is in a routine maintenance category requiring thin to medium thickness overlays, slurry sealing and crack sealing have extended the service life of our

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