Old Town Access and Circulation

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There are several opportunities for the public to provide input on the draft information provide in the sections below. A Community Q & A was held on Wednesday August 7, 2019 in the Park City Library's Community Room. This informal discussion allowed community members and stake holders  to ask questions and hear an overview of the recommended projects and programs for 2019, as well as provide suggestions for improvement.

Community Q & A
Wednesday August 7, 2019
5:00-6:00 PM
Park City Library Community Room
1255 Park Ave, 3rd Floor
Park City, UT 

The public is also welcome to attend the City Council meeting on August 15, 2019 where these recommendations will be presented to Council. Public comment will be accepted on the staff recommendations, and recorded for the public record.

City Council Meeting
Thursday August 15, 2019
Work Session: 4:30 - 5:00 PM
Public Comment: 5:00 PM
Council Chambers
445 Marsac Ave, 1st Floor
Park City, UT

If you are unable to attend either of these public engagement opportunities, please submit your comments in writing so they can be documented to:

Alexis Verson
Transportation Planning


Park City is working on a comprehensive Old Town Access and Circulation Plan to help address congestion concerns, event mitigation opportunities, parking and wayfinding strategies, and pedestrian safety.

 This effort requires extensive data collection, community and stakeholder outreach, and observations during peak times. The intent is to ensure that the projects, policies, and programs that are recommended and implemented are done holistically and in a way that does not negatively impact areas of Old Town.

 This comprehensive approach may take as long as a year to complete due to the robust data collection requirements needed.  As of August 2019, Park City Staff is in the process of advertising for and securing a consultant team well versed in this type of project to help with these efforts.

In the meantime, Staff has identified some projects and programs that can be implemented in Old Town in the near term that may help alleviate some community concerns. Staff are preparing these recommendations for the City Council Meeting in August 15, 2019.  Below is an overview of recommendations that will go to City Council for review.

These projects and programs are suggested measures, and have not been finalized or approved by Council.



This season, summer 2019, Staff will design and implement several Old Town projects that will help improve pedestrian safety and access, wayfinding, and help calm traffic in the area. These projects were carefully selected as being fiscally responsible, implementable in a constrained timeline, and will not negatively influence recommendations from the longer term Old Town Access and Circulation plan (launching in August 2019).For more detail on the following projects, please attend the Community Q & A on August 7th.

  • COMING AUGUST 13-14, 2019! - 4th Street Changes - The addition of pedestrian space along the street (this season Staff will use paint to delineate the space, with the intent to pour concrete sidewalks next season) and new one-way westbound directionality to mirror 5th Street and form a couplet for improved traffic flow. For more information on this project, please view the outreach flyer.
  • 5th Street Curb Cuts - will be added to match the new directionality of one-way eastbound traffic (implemented in January 2019).
  • Artistic Crosswalks -  safe pedestrian crossings with approved materials recommended by an engineer will be designed this year, with the intent to be implemented in various locations in Old Town in 2020.
  • Hillside Walkway - the design and cost estimate for adding a pedestrian walkway between the retaining walls on Hillside Avenue will be created, to help delineate a safe space for pedestrians and remove any potential vehicle/pedestrian conflicts.
  • Hillside Widening Cost Estimate - A conceptual design (needed to produce a cost estimate) with high-level cost estimate for the widening of Hillside Ave to accommodate two-way traffic will be conducted. This is to direct staff on potential future costs associated with changing the retaining wall and roadway prism of Hillside Ave and better understand the roadway as a whole. Staff does not currently intend to widen Hillside Ave.
  • Wayfinding Signage on Deer Valley Drive - a discussion on the process/ability/timeline to implement wayfinding signage on Deer Valley Drive to better direct visitors is underway with UDOT, who currently owns this street.
  • Commercial Vehicle Code Updates - Transportation Planning, is working in conjunction with Business Licensing to create code addressing commercial vehicles (CV) classifications to include concierge vehicles and make a less prohibitive process for getting licenses.
  • Drop and Load Zones - Several pick up and drop off zones have been identified near busy hubs on Main Street, to allow shuttles to pull safely to the curb to deliver their clients. This helps with traffic flow on Main Street, removes the need to double park, and still allows for curbside access to Main Street for guests.


Staff has worked diligently to compile a list of potential future projects and policies (in addition to what’s currently underway) for City Council to consider based on data collection, neighborhood observations, crash data, enforcement protocols, etc. The staff report for the August 15th City Council Meeting outlines some additional strategies that can be implemented, but are not considered for recommendation by staff.

 Old Town Access and Circulation Study - The RFP is currently available online, and closes August 22, 2019.

Pedestrian infrastructure on Hillside Ave – While crash data from the Park City Police Department doesn’t indicate an immediate conflict between pedestrians and vehicles (likely due to low speeds), the addition of a pedestrian walkway on Hillside Avenue between the retaining walls on the south/west side of the street can help alleviate strain on the roadway and provide a safe space for vulnerable users. Staff recommends seeking a conceptual design and cost estimate for constructing this facility. 

Establish Commercial Vehicle (CV) Permit for Shuttles and For Hire Vehicles – This permit would be available for Shuttles and For Hire vehicles (in place of current For Hire License). Costs for these permits is lower than current For Hire licenses, Applications and renewals can be emailed or emailed with pictures of drivers and stickers will be mailed to drivers to affix to their vehicle at their convenience. Additionally, commercial vehicle drivers will be issued a badge with their picture on it to indicate that the driver has been supplied all necessary documents to be eligible as a driver.

Established CV Only Drop and Load Spaces mixed throughout Old Town – Staff recommend, and plan to proceed with three locations on Main Street for shuttles, and potentially TNC’s, to pick up and drop off clientele. This alleviates double parking issues, facilitates traffic through put on Main Street, provides convenience for concierge services, and helps change behavior of those who may call for a rideshare vehicle from Main Street. Locations were strategically chosen based on parking turnover trends, Main Street destinations, shuttle movements, and parking revenue streams. A recommendation from Parking will be required to determine if these zones can be used as 15 minute parking, or otherwise, during the day.

Voluntary Seasonal or Time Frame Use Restrictions (Lodging) - Per voluntary options offered by uphill Lodging companies, staff recommends subsequent discussion and agreement with lodging companies to implement reduce trips on Hillside Avenue until completion of the Old Town Access and Circulation Study,. The City Engineer has agreed to random, video observation and monitoring up to 2x/month once an agreed upon is established.

Additional better wayfinding at Swede/Main, Main, Hillside and Daly to dissuade Commercial Vehicles from entering the Residential District- – Signage to direct visitors back down Swede Alley and Main Street instead of up Hillside, coupled with a temporary turnaround treatment will facilitate traffic flow to head back into the business district, rather than up through Hillside. Observations during events and recorded vehicle turning movements (Exhibit E) indicate much of the traffic seen on Hillside Ave is not commercial vehicles, but rather visitors unfamiliar with the area attempting to access Main Street, as well as residents and TNCs.



No Turn Signage for at Hillside Ave w Time Restrictions– Staff recommends implementing “No Left Turn” from 12:00 am to 3:00 pm at Marsac to Hillside and “No Right Turn” from 3:00 pm to 12: 00 am at Hillside to Marsac with additional signage on Prospect and Chambers. These measures will discourage use of Hillside at slower times as it decreases the level of convenience for all vehicles trying to make certain movements. One of the challenges of this solution is the enforceability of posted times, as drivers are not required to know what time it is/have a clock in a vehicle.

As an alternative, an dynamic LED sign (pending UDOT approval for the Marsac side) could allow for enforcement without the need to have posted times, and it can be used dynamically during peak times or events or other times deemed necessary. A restrictive dynamic LED sign like this is likely more effective than one with posted hours, as it is hard to enforce the latter. One of the challenges is that UDOT does allow for LED sign types periodically, but historically they have always been associated with a signal. They are currently looking at requirements for using this treatment at a non-signalized intersection and will continue to keep us informed.

Data - Traffic volumes from permanent counters on Hillside Ave (see Exhibit B) indicate that westbound peak volumes consistently spike around 6:00 pm on both weekdays and weekends. Eastbound traffic does not see the same intense peak activity, and volumes are generally higher from about 11:00 am to 9:00 pm. Overall traffic volumes are significantly lower in the eastbound direction than the westbound direction, which is why staff is recommending turning movement restrictions by time of day.

Expansion of CV Drop and Load Zones to Entire Day – Some feedback received in outreach from both Lodging and For Hire vehicles is that is it confusing to be allowed drop and load in these zones during certain time frames, specifically when training staff/drivers on desired behaviors/outcomes. Additionally, guests to Main Street may become confused with drop off and loading areas if they are not consistent through the day. Economic Development and Transportation Planning recommend this alternative, allowing those with CV permits to drop and load in these recommended areas all day.

Another consideration would be to allow free 15 minute parking in the proposed CV zones for any guests on Main Street until 5 p.m. This would allow people to run quick errands during the day. Because there are 3 other 15 minute zones, and parking is free in China Bridge during the day, Transportation Planning and Economic Development staff do not recommend this option.


While included in the report for Council consideration, staff does not recommend the following options for the reasons included below:

One way eastbound or westbound on Hillside – This one way restriction also puts an undue hardship on residents by inhibiting their ability to get in and out of their neighborhood. Also, emergency response and police vehicles may need to use Hillside against traffic, and that requires the use of lights/sirens - which could become the new norm for residents. While traffic volumes could suggest that a one way westbound restriction could help get traffic out of Old Town, particularly at peak times, this would be prohibitive to residents trying to get into Old Town to access their homes.

One way restrictions by time of day on Hillside - A restriction based on signed time of day would likely be difficult to prosecute, and could result in unlawful detainment if police attempt to enforce. A restriction will likely be more successful using an LED sign, or more general language such as, “after dusk”. 

Signalize yield requirements on Hillside Ave – This is not recommended as other approaches indicated above may be more impactful for traffic calming measures on Hillside Ave. A signalized yield would require cars to stop at a red light when waiting for uphill traffic to pass.

Curb cut at Bob Wells Plaza – Originally deemed viable for shuttle staging and a pick-up and drop-off location, the zones being created on Main Street (mentioned above) are the preferred alternative for this effort.

Vehicle restrictions on Hillside Ave – A variety of tactics were discussed for restricting vehicles based on type, weight, and vehicle registration outside of Summit County. Ultimately Staff does not recommend vehicle restrictions like these due to the difficulty in enforcing, the legality of some restrictions, and the turning movement data that suggests these measures would ultimately not provide the traffic mitigation solutions sought by some residents.

Formal Classification of Hillside Ave –Staff recommends that Hillside Avenue remain unclassified.  If action is taken, based on average volumes, staff recommends classifying the roadway as a Commercial Collector. As such and if you take the lower capacity collector (Minor Residential), the daily traffic volume and threshold capacities are never exceeded. Hillside Avenue was not built to typical land width standards for a collector street (minimum of 10 foot wide travel lanes).  From a physically constructed standpoint, Hillside Avenue more closely resembles a local road.  Even so, the local road threshold is not exceeded during a normal non-peak day and the number of trips recorded is within the streets acceptable daily traffic volumes.


The following DRAFT reports and documents will be included in the City Council staff report for August 15, 2019 and will be discussed in the 5:00 pm Work Session.

Prior to attending the Community Q & A or the City Council Work Session, please review these DRAFT exhibits:

DRAFT Exhibit A - Old Town Circulation Background Discussion

DRAFT Exhibit B - Old Town Tiered Improvements Projects and Progress

DRAFT Exhibit C - Traffic Study Hillside 224 Microsimulation

DRAFT Exhibit D - Police Crash and Traffic Stop Location Data

DRAFT Exhibit E - Engineering Traffic Data Collection

DRAFT Exhibit F - Special Event Mitigation

DRAFT Exhibit G - Downtown Circulation Recommendations and Chart

DRAFT Exhibit Ga - Old Town Project Recommendation Analysis

DRAFT Exhibit H - Proposed Changes to Commercial Vehicle Licensing

DRAFT Exhibit I - Voluntary Efforts from Lodging Properties

DRAFT Exhibit J - Community Outreach Plan

DRAFT Exhibit K - Old Town Parking Study 2016 

DRAFT Exhibit L - Downtown Traffic and Circulation Analysis 2017