Committees and Partners

Neighborhood Traffic Management Program

The Neighborhood Traffic Management Program (NTMP) provides residents an opportunity to jointly work with City professionals to evaluate the requirements, benefits, costs, and tradeoffs of using various traffic calming measures and techniques within their own neighborhood. The program outlines the many ways residents, businesses and the City can work together to help keep neighborhood streets safe.

Greater Park City Transportation Management Association

An organization of businesses, agencies and local governments dedicated to solving local transportation concerns. This group is focused around giving businesses, large employers and local agencies a voice in local government transportation planning, advocate enhanced mobility, and to reduce single occupant vehicle trips, and support regional transportation programs through economies of scale.

Citizens Open Space Advisory Committee (COSAC)

COSAC was established because a portion of the .05% increase in the Resort City Sales Tax will provide funds for the acquisition and preservation of open space within the greater Park City area.


Providing, building and maintaining recreation trails in the Summit County area
 mountain trails

Non-profit organization committed to building, maintaining, and protecting recreational trails in the Park City Area.

Tools and resources for commuters and employers to help rethink the daily commute. 


  Up to date real-time traveler information for all Utah State highways.