Park City Municipal COVID-19 Updates:

Building Maintenance

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Building Maintenance

Park City's Building Maintenance staff maintain 35 City buildings, totaling 349,695 sq ft, as well as the China Bridge parking structure, which is 341,000 sq ft. Each staffer is responsible for maintaining 80,230 sq ft of City property.


Park City Solar

Building Maintenance is also responsible for the upkeep of solar panels on City buildings. This includes 88 solar panels on the Park City Police Department facility, 80 solar panels on the City Hall building, and 214 solar panels on Public Works.

Geothermal Systems

Park City Building Maintenance also ensures the geothermal systems installed under City Hall and the Park City Police Department operate properly. Water is circulated through the pipes and use the earth as a massive energy exchange source. The ground coupled system is able to take advantage of the earth's subterranean temperatures as both a heat source and a heat sink. 

At City Hall, the entire heat pump system was carefully integrated into the historic architecture with close attention paid to access and acoustics. The end result is this building has been made functional and comfortable with a modern, energy efficient interior.