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Public Programs

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  • Public Skate group skate Open Skate- Public skate session. Cheap Skate - Public Skate that is only 45 minutes long. Cosmic Skate- Public skate session, arena lights are turned off and colored lights are illuminated. More >>

  • Freestyle Skate morgan b&W low Freestyle sessions are training sessions for figure skaters practicing their programs. Skaters attending this session must be familiar with the skating rules and etiquette of freestyle sessions or must be participating in a private lesson.

  • Drop-In Hockey Puck Drop- B&W Adult 14+ - Anyone 14 years and older, regardless of skill level. Adult 18+ - Anyone 18 years and older, regardless of skill level. More >>

Other Public Programs and Program information:

Drop-in Hockey information:

Adult 14+ - Anyone 14 years and older, regardless of skill level.
Adult 18+ - Anyone 18 years and older, regardless of skill level. 
Coached - A coached session with play interrupted for coaching. Participants in "Coached Drop-In" must be 18 years and older. Participants for "Youth Coached Drop-In must be 14 years or younger.
Coached/Reffed- Similar to a Coached drop-in with a referee during the scrimmage portion of the session.
Family - Designed for adults and their children. Available for all.
Girls- Open to women and girls of all ages who are comfortable skating and playing drop- in on their own. 
Platinum- 18 years or older, with a competitive skill level.
Pond Hockey Drop- In- 18 years or older. Ice will be divided into thirds and pond hockey nets will be out.
Senior/Rookie - A drop-in for anyone 35 or over, or with less than 2 years' experience. All players must be 18 years or older.  Stick & Puck - A drop-in for all ages for the purpose of personal practice. Not a game setting. Skills & Drills - A coached skills session for adults 18 years and older, geared towards improving hockey skills for all levels. 

Drop-In Policy/Call Ahead Program : 
Current punch card holders may call ahead up to 90 minutes in advance to reserve a spot on the Drop-In Hockey roster. You must have a punch available to call in. The punch will be taken at the time the call is made.

Required Equipment for all hockey programs include a helmet, elbow pads, gloves, a protective cup, shin pads and skates. Skaters under 18 years of age must also have a face mask.

Off-Ice Ballet Program:

With a focus on posture, carriage, core strength and flexibility, the goal of our Ballet program is to enhance the skater's on-ice skills.

Miss Joanne will be teaching our ballet classes. To learn which level your skater should register, please contact Instructor, Miss Joanne at

Off-Ice Strength and Conditioning Program:

The intent of this program is to work on agility, upper body and core strength, coordination and endurance.