Park City Arts and Culture District

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In July, Park City Municipal Corporation announced a purchase agreement for a 5.25-acre parcel in the City’s Bonanza Park neighborhood for $19.5 million to form a new Arts and Culture District, with Sundance Institute and the Kimball Art Center as anchor partners. This new initiative will add another layer to Park City's rich history of arts and culture and complement the many opportunities for Arts and Culture throughout the City and Summit County.

Park City plans to impose a one-percent transient room (lodging) tax to pay for the initial land purchase and development of the site. Sundance Institute and the Kimball Art Center have signed letters of intent to purchase land in the new district from the City and will participate in a joint planning process with the City, with the goal of building venues as part of the district. This is a true public private partnership, with both the Kimball Art Center and Sundance Institute paying for their respective land and building costs. The City will partner with the anchors by providing public parking, a transit hub and public walkways and plazas.

In addition to Sundance Institute and the Kimball Art Center building headquarters and art venues for their respective organizations, the district will house other arts and culture-related support amenities and infrastructure, including a transit hub, parking, commercial space, and affordable/attainable housing for residents and artists. The City will provide for additional infrastructure costs with a combination of TRT revenue, Transit and Parking fund revenue, and allocated affordable and attainable housing funds.

The design and planning process is expected to begin in Fall 2017. Through this joint planning process, the City will strive to create an additional district that inspires creative expression while ensuring design compatibility and compliance with the General Plan and Land Management Code. This will allow Park City to collaboratively shape the future of the Bonanza Park area by partnering to secure approximately 20 percent of the landmass in the area and developing a vision of a sustainable, walkable, livable, vibrant community Arts and Culture District.