Class 24's project: Divert Food Waste from Our Landfill


We have a passion for our great city, and we care about its future. The massive amounts of forgotten and disregarded food and waste that is tossed mindlessly into our landfills are a travesty of global proportions. This issue is directly contributing to climate change, and we want to show everyone how each of us making small change locally could help influence others globally.  

Our mission began with the Park City Leadership Class of 24 determined to make a difference in our community.  Recognizing the quickly diminishing capacity of our local landfill, combined with the amount of hungry individuals in our community and our reduction in snowfall, we have decided to help institute change.  We will make ourselves be heard to our local government through proposing policy change, and we will host a variety of events and informational sessions to help educate others.


By working with local community members, non-profits and businesses, we are going to change the way we think and handle food and waste on a local level.  By educating ourselves and others, and diverting as much waste as possible, we will extend the life of our landfill and improve the local ecosystem and tourism for many years to come.  

When we toss our massive amounts of food waste into our landfill, we are creating an incredible amount of methane gas, which is about twenty times more potent than carbon dioxide.   This methane gas has detrimental effects on our local and global ecosystem, and can in turn affect temperature and snowfall.  By reducing and recycling methane gas, through means such as those below, we could help alleviate the amount of potent greenhouse gas emitted into the atmosphere from our landfill.

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