Park City Municipal COVID-19 Updates:

Weighted Selection Process

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All qualified applicants are included with one chance (one number in the ‘hat’). Applicants may also receive extra chances if they qualify in the categories listed below. No applicant may obtain more than four additional odds.

 1 odd: All qualified applicants in Affordable or Attainable categories based on household income and place of employment.


Additional Categories:

2 odds: Emergency Responder* (see definition below)

1 odd: Community Builder* (see definition below)

1 odd: Employed within City Limits

1 odd: Employed in area longer than five years

*Applicants can only qualify in either Emergency Responder or Community Builder categories, not both.

Definition of Categories:

1. Emergency Response: Health, Safety, Wellness- Full-time employees in the following professions:

  • Firefighters
  • Police Officers
  • Emergency doctors/nurses
  • Critical maintenance/facility operations positions such as:
    • Water Treatment/Distribution
    • Snow Removal
  • Emergency Response managers


2. Community Builders- Full-time employees in the following professions:

  • Local Government Employees
  • Education Employees
    • Administrators
    • Teachers
    • Facility operations
    • Daycare providers
  • Non-Profit Employees
  • Health Care Professionals/Administration