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100 Marsac FAQs

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100 Marsac Map Boundries

100 Marsac Proposed Affordable Housing Project FAQs

1. How did the City acquire the 100 Marsac parcel? The City Council approved the land acquisition in 2017 for the opportunity of an affordable housing use. The land was acquired as an exchange of real property. No open space or City debt was used.


2. Is the property 100 Marsac Avenue designated as Open Space? Our 2014 General Plan does not designate the parcel as Open Space. The property is the same Zone Designation as at the time of the previous application, which is Historic Residential 1 (HR-1).


3. Was the original Master Planned Development (MPD) application submitted by the previous owner denied? The previous owner, Talisker, withdrew the [HDDR] application, but the City Council did not reject the final applications for this property [Subdivision and MPD were approved; HDDR was the withdrawal by the applicant- the Council had no role in the withdrawal].


4. Is the City proposing increasing the density on this lot? No, the City is looking at design options that would fit within the current zoning and land management code.


5. Would the historic stone wall be disrupted on the site? No, the historic wall will be protected and preserved.


6. How will the public comment from the original proposal be incorporated into the current planning process? Sporano Mooney, the architect contracted for the project, has been provided with copies of all of the previous efforts and planning documents as a starting point, so they are well informed of the past history on this property including the preservation requirement of the historic wall, soil remediation requirements for any soil removed or redistributed on the site, access constraints, applicable codes to steep slope development and any other land use restriction that applies at this time, and community input that was received during that process.

 100 Marsac Open House Project Boards 7/15/19

Questions or Comments? Please contact:

Jason Glidden, Housing Development Manager
435.615.5268 or