Affordable Housing

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Affordable Housing

Updated on 11/15/2018 1:21 PM

In 2009, the City determined that the housing needs were not being met by development requirements in the Housing Resolutions and took a bold step to become a developer. The first project – Snow Creek Cottages – was built and sold in 2010 and the City began developing plans for additional properties.

In February 2015 “Middle Income, Affordable and Attainable Housing” became one of the Community Critical Priorities for the City.  The goal is to facilitate a range of quality, affordable housing opportunities that meet the life-cycle needs of Park City households at all economic levels. Since the early 1990s Council has been forward-thinking about the provision and preservation of affordable housing to help ensure that Park City remains a vibrant community. 

In August of 2016, City Council set an ambitious goal of adding 800 new units to the existing inventory of 498 units by 2026 with an interim goal of 220 units by the year 2020. Today, through direct development and partnerships with private entities, the City has added 30 units to the affordable inventory totaling 528 units. An additional 150 units are in various stages of planning, design, and development. 

Park City issued the first of a number of housing resolutions in 1993, which have then become more goal-specific with each update. The most recent update – Housing Resolution 03-2017 – was adopted in February of 2017.

Affordable Housing Master Planned Development