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Film and movies are in Park City's DNA. Learn more about our city and its residents through these short videos. Check back often for new uploads.

Featured Video

Park City's Clean Energy Goals
Park City has the most ambitious climate goals of any city in North America. Learn more about how we intend to reach our goals, through the use of net-zero energy building standards, electric vehicles and buses, renewable energy, system efficiencies, and more. 

Additional Videos

Park City Public Art: Get Inspired!
This video takes you on a virtual tour of Park City's public art collection

Public art reflects, reveals, and enriches the community it inhabits. Park City is lucky to have more than 30 significant works of art along our trails, in our parks, and in front of and within our buildings. "Public art connects us as human beings," said Mayor Jack Thomas. "It's a critical part of our town's identity, which has done so much to cultivate arts and culture." Watch this video for a delightful whistlestop tour of the pieces around town. And learn more about the entire collection on the city's public art page.

Energy Reduction in Park City
Watch this four-minute video to learn more about how Park City is tackling our climate’s warming. Our efforts include deploying electric buses, aggressively installing solar panels on residences, businesses, and municipal buildings, incentivizing the switch to LED bulbs, and—perhaps most importantly—educating our residents on everything they can do. “Climate change may seem like an insurmountable problem at times, but the biggest problems require the most comprehensive solutions,” said Mayor Jack Thomas. “And that’s exactly our approach.”

Preservation Efforts in Park City
You can tell how much Parkites treasure our shared history just by looking around town. Relics of our mining past are everywhere, but preserving them is no easy task. The derricks, miners’ shacks, aerial tram towers, and mills are in danger of deteriorating without concerted efforts. This five-minute video takes viewers on a whistle-stop tour of the preservation efforts that are being undertaken by Park City Municipal, the ski resorts, and local residents. We really are living our history in this town: let’s keep it that way for our future residents and visitors.

Park City Library
Step inside Park City's living room: our community library! The building was fully renovated in 2015, and the modernized interiors now boast ample study and reading space, a lively children's center, even a 3D printer! There's literally something for everyone—from the coffee shop to the gaming centers. What makes the place even more special is that it is actually one of the city's most beloved historic landmarks. The building was originally built in 1928 as the Park City High School. As a testament to how carefully it was restored, it was recently placed on the National Register of Historic Places. So take a peek inside and get to know Park City's pride and joy, from the inside-out.

Lloyd Popp, Modern-day Miner
Lloyd Popp has worked in the Park City-area mines for 53 years and currently works for Park City Municipal. Corporation. Watch this short video of Lloyd discussing the town and the profession. Thank you, Lloyd, and thank you to all of our miners--past and present!

World-class City, World-class Transit System!
Learn all about Park City's FREE bus system: how it can make your life easier while fitting into your lifestyle, and the improvements we will be making to make it even more awesome! Ride on Park City! 

Tackling Affordable Housing in Park City
Park City is a wonderful place for many reasons, but without affordable housing options for every demographic, we risk losing the very things that make us a complete and unique community. Watch this video to learn what PCMC is doing to address this issue.

Park City Municipal Corporation Employee Service Awards Dinner
On Tuesday, May 10, 2016, city staff and elected officials and their families came together to honor PCMC employees who have worked for the municipality for five, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, and 35 years. This time-honored tradition is a small gesture of thanks for the city employees who help make Park City what it is--safe, beautiful, fun, and special. Thank you for your dedication! 

Bob Wells Plaza Dedication
Bob Wells, who passed away in April of 2015, was a former Deer Valley executive, former planning commissioner and council member, and one of the fathers of modern Park City. On January 7, 2016, Mr. Wells' legacy and contributions to our town and community were honored with the dedication of a prominent plaza at the foot of the steps to City Hall.

Off-Leash Dog Etiquette & Expectations
Effective January 2016, Park City Municipal Corporation has established two off-leash dog areas within city limits. Dog owners are required to comply with all rules and regulations to enjoy this privilege. Learn more about the etiquette and expectations for dog owners. We want to ensure that everyone--dog owners and non-dog owners alike--enjoys our city's trails and open space.

City Council Retreat, March 10 & 11, 2016
Park City Council's Retreat helped bring the city government's priorities into focus and clarify the corresponding work plan for staff. Watch this short video to learn more about the path forward.

The Courchevel Delegation Visits Park City
In 2014, Park City and Saint-Bon Courchevel—a town in the heart of Europe’s largest ski resort—rekindled their relationship through Sister Cities International. In February 2016, a six-member delegation from Courchevel visited Park City for a week. Representatives from both cities talked about their impressions, and what the two towns can learn from each other.