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Vacancies: Boards and Commissions

Post Date:04/27/2021

Vacancies: Boards and Commissions

Park City is currently seeking applicants to fill vacancies on its Historic Preservation Board, Board of Adjustment, and Board of Appeals. Vacancies will remain open until filled.

Historic Preservation Board

  • The Historic Preservation Board is designed to preserve Park City’s unique Historic character and encourage compatible design and construction
  • The Board consists of seven members who serve three-year terms
  • The Board meets the first Wednesday of each month
  • Technical representation in Historic preservation
  • Board qualifications may include the following:
    • Licensed architect
    • Professional, substantial experience om rehabilitation-type construction
    • Member of/work with the Park City Historical Society
    • Recommended by or associated with the Utah State Historical Society or Preservation Utah
    • Resident of Park City’s Historic District
    • Appointed at large from Park City and has demonstrated interest and knowledge in Historic preservation
    • Association with Main Street Business(es) and commercial interests
  • Application link

Board of Adjustment

  • The Board reviews and decides appeals from zoning decisions, Land Management Code variances, appeals and call-ups of Final Action by the Planning Commission, Planning Staff, and Historic Preservation Board, and Modifications and appeals of non-conforming uses
  • The Board consists of five members and one non-voting alternate to vote when a regular member is absent who serve five-year terms
  • The Board meets the third Tuesday of each month – average frequency 4-8 meetings/year
  • Board of Adjustment members must reside in City limits (84060)
  • Application link

Board of Appeals

  • The Board of Appeals meets on an as need basis to respond to appeals of the International Building Code, Abatement of Dangerous Building Code and Uniform Housing Code
  • The Board consists of three members who address matters pertaining to building and construction, specifically the review of appeals filed in accordance with International Building Code. The Board holds office at their pleasure, with no set terms
  • Application link


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