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A Year to Remember: March 2020-March 2021

Post Date:03/15/2021 3:01 PM

A Year to Remember: March 2020-March 2021


My son Graham recently asked me if Park City was going to have ‘another emergency.’  I said, “I sure hope not, but if something happens, we’ll be ready.”

Like any 9-year-old, Graham assumed I meant that our family is prepared. While that much is true, Graham didn’t know I was thinking about the entire Park City community.

Friday marked the one-year anniversary since Park City declared a City-Emergency in response to COVID-19. When news of the Coronavirus began circulating across the world, there was no way to grasp how it would fundamentally change our lives.

I remember the second week of March very well. On the morning of Monday, March 9, 2020, we formed a COVID-19 task force of mission-critical staff, community stakeholders, and elected officials. By Friday, March 13, the first confirmed COVID-19 case was reported in Summit County. On March 14, a second case was reported – that same day, Park City Mountain and Deer Valley Resort suspended operations. Soon, dine-in food service and other public activities were suspended to comply with the County's first health order.

Over the next few weeks, additional health orders were implemented, schools moved online, and visiting friends and loved ones was prohibited. City employees, like the rest of the world, grew increasingly concerned about putting themselves in harm's way and job security. 

If that wasn’t enough, throw in the 5.7M Magna earthquake on March 18 – strong enough to shake our windows.

Regardless, we worked day and night alongside Summit County. We stuck together, took decisive action, made some mistakes, and continued to learn and adjust. Through it all, we remained positive and purposeful in our response, and I firmly we believe our good fortune today is a result of our community’s collective efforts.

Ultimately, the Park City Municipal workforce showed up. They showed up for you, supported those in need, and provided essential services necessary to help pave a path towards stability and recovery.

As we mark this anniversary, it feels premature to celebrate, but I would be remiss if I did not express my gratitude for your help as Park City overcame an immense amount of adversity and uncertainty.

This past year hasn't been without personal loss and sacrifice. As we reflect, let’s make sure we honor the lives, milestones, and even opportunities lost. Thank you, Park City. We have so much to look forward to in this special place we call home.


-Matt Dias, City Manager

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