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Statement from Elected Officials on Attorney Bruce Baird’s Remarks Threatening Violence Against Hideout Annexation Opponents

Post Date:10/14/2020

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Statement from Park City Elected Officials on Attorney Bruce Baird’s Remarks Threatening Violence Against Hideout Annexation Opponents

PARK CITY, UTAH (October 14, 2020) – Commenting on the Hideout Town Council’s October 13 annexation work session and statements made by attorney Bruce Baird throughout last evening’s meeting, Park City and Summit County’s elected officials submit the following statement:

Summit County and Park City are shocked and appalled that an attorney associated with the Town of Hideout’s annexation efforts resorted to threats of violence during Hideout’s Council meeting last night.

We condemn Mr. Baird’s actions and expect that Hideout will terminate any relationship – direct or indirect – with Mr. Baird because he has demonstrated that he no longer can act in a professional or effective capacity.

As an “invited” participant of a Hideout meeting that was “closed” to public participation, Mr. Baird incited violence, including the use of weapons and beatings, in the name of what is already a highly improper annexation effort into Summit County. This is not only totally counterproductive but is downright dangerous. As we’ve seen with politically motivated shootings around the country, words matter. Mr. Baird knows this, and yet still chose to say this regarding people who were protesting Hideout’s actions: “All those sons of bitches should have been taken out and shot.”  

This statement, along with other threatening and disparaging comments towards those in the public and public service that have participated in Hideout’s single public input session – which he undoubtedly will attempt to deflect as hyperbole resulting perhaps from on-air overindulgence during a live government meeting – cannot be dismissed as anything less than a brutish attempt to intimidate the public and discourage people from speaking up about the Town’s annexation proposal.

Are the residents of Hideout ok with this? Do the Town Council and Mayor agree with this cavalier and erratic approach to engaging the public and their own residents? We hope that the Town of Hideout will set the record straight and condemn Mr. Baird’s comments, disassociate with him professionally, and help us return to civility and working together to effectively manage the important regional issues in front of us.

Park City Mayor Andy Beerman
Park City Council - Max Doilney, Becca Gerber, Tim Henney, Steve Joyce, and Nann Worel

Summit County Council Chair Doug Clyde
Summit County Council – Roger Armstrong, Kim Carson, Chris Robinson, Glenn Wright




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